Friday, July 27, 2012

♪ This Week's Coordinates ♪

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
136★232 Stripe Bouquet JSK & Headbow Set $232
136★431 Stripe Frill Blouse $162
136★029 Red Riding Hood's House Bag $128

136★325 Classic Sailor OP $256
135★962 Rosary Rose Headdress $44 -30% off 

136★727 Cherry Pattern Mesh Gingham Cutsew $82
135★512 Frill Petticoat & Drawers Set $162
136★025 Cherish Ribbon Apron $128
135★963 Rose Party Headdress $52 -30% off 

136★725 Star Cutsew OP $108
136★098 Twinkle Star Ribbon Headband $50
135★077 Hoshi no Namida Hime Choker $44 -30% off 

Alice and the Pirates
108P228 Grimoir in the Moonlight Forest JSK $292
108P315 St. Helena Cape $150
108P913 END of immortal EDEN Bonnet $116

108P219 Solielle Ribbon Scallop JSK $222
107P727 Chiffon Yoke Pullover $138 - 30% off 
108P974 Rosiano Noble Grossgrain Headbow $34

Saturday, July 21, 2012

✞ Vampire Prelude ✞

We will begin accepting reservations for Alice and the Pirate's Vampire Prelude Series on Friday, July 27th!

Moon shines on her cheek, and shines on her brow
So soft, so enticing, so eloquent, 
With smiles that win, and teeth and glow
That mutter of days in shadows spent
She entreats for entrance and once let in
She drinks the blood of the innocent.

Please read after the cut or here for more details!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Beginning today until August 27th, we will be accepting orders for the made-to-order items featured at BABY's recent tea party fashion show. We will never receive these items in the store. Payment in full will be required for all orders before they are submitted.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
& more ...

Alice and the Pirates
& more ...

♛ This Week's Coordinates ♛

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
136★238 Blooming Flower JSK $280
136★417 Whipped Cream Blouse $174
136★067 Fragrant Rose Memories Cameo Necklace $82
136★915 Lady Victoria's Afternoon Ribbon Headbow $70

136★234 Lattice Check JSK & Headbow Set $244
136★429 Cherry Parade Blouse $174

136★231 Sweet Cherry & Berry JSK & Headbow Set $244
136721 Shirring Puff Sleeve Cutsew $92

Alice and the Pirates
108P514 Grimoir in the Moonlight Forest Skirt $186
108P701 Dot Georgette Pullover $116
108P929 Trick Ribbon Necklace $58
108P966 Grimoir in the Moonlight Forest Headbow $50

108P229 Grimoir in the Moonlight Night JSK $292
108P416 Crepe Blouse $150
108P965 A/P Buckle Belt $138
108P966 Grimoir in the Moonlight Night Headbow $50

108P217 Trump Queen JSK $256
107P429 Martine Rose Blouse $162 -30% off 
108P977 Ariel Rose Headdress $64

♠ Alice Bruges ♠

We will begin accepting reservations for BABY's Alice Bruges series on Friday, July 27th!

How doth the little busy bee
Improve each shining hour,
And gather honey all the day
From every opening flower!

♠ Alice Bruges 

Please read after the cut or here for more details!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

[Price Reduction] ✿ Dreamy Pony Lucky Pack Sets ✿

Starting today, July 19th, we will start accepting reservations for the Dreamy Pony Lucky Pack Sets at a reduced price! Sorry, we cannot give price adjustments for sets that have already been purchased. Thank you for understanding.

We will be offering these to mail order customers too!
Check out our info page for more details on how to order.

Dreamy Pony Ribbon Ribbon Set - $200 $150 +tax
(pink or black)
* Headbow
 * Bag
* Phone Strap
* Accessory

Dreamy Pony Sweet Skirt Set - $200 $150 +tax
(pink or black)

* Skirt
* Blouse
* Bag
* Headbow

Dreamy Pony Honey Babydoll Set - $200 $150 +tax
(pink or black)
* Headbow
* Accessory
* Cutsew
* Usakumya Pen

Aside from the original print items, the other items may differ from the examples shown. We look forward to accepting your reservations!

Friday, July 13, 2012

♣ This Week's Coordinates ♣

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
136★259 Petit Water Drop Scallop JSK $280
136★719 Round Collar Lace Cutsew $104
136★020 Ellie Crown Bag $198
136★940 Kitty, Kitty Rhapsody Kitty Ear Headband $48

136★320 Stripe Garden Op + Headbow Set $232

136★516 Cherry Parade Skirt $186
136★712 Clock Rabbit Print T-Shirt $70
136★008 Alice's Clock Pochette $82

Alice and the Pirates
108P228 Grimoir of the Moonlight Forest JSK $292
108P702 York Stand Collar Pullover $138
108P955 Fairy Tale Pochette $186
108P966 Grimoir of the Moonlight Forest Headbow $50

108P227 Treasure Hunt in the Mystic Island Mary JSK $292
108P414 Griottines Blouse $150
108P965 A/P Buckle Belt $138
108P974 Rosiano Noble Grossgrain Headbow $34

108P219 Solielle Ribbon Scallop JSK $222
108P417 Holy School Blouse $174
108P933 Holy School Mini Hat $92

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

☀ July Shipment ☀

We just received a new shipment from Japan! For BABY, we have the rest of the Kitty, Kitty Rhapsody series, many new blouses and dresses! For A/P, we received the Grimoir of the Moonlight Forest series (we're still waiting on the rest of the series), socks and accessories.

★ Just in time too! We cleared a whole rack of sale items this weekend. ★

Please read after the jump for a complete list of items!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

List of Sale Items

We've had a lot of people ask about our sale items for email orders, so here's a full list of everything in the store we just put on sale! Everything is 30% off its original price.

Friday, July 6, 2012

☼ Summer Sale Coordinates ☼

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
134★324 Gingham Check Rose Doll OP (Size L) $295.40
135★972 Gingham Margaret Ribbon Combs $25.20

135★525 Angel's Whisper in the Holy Night Skirt $130.20
135★407 Caroline Blouse $113.40
135★307 Chelsea LaLa Jacket $102.20
135★857 Angel's Whisper in the Holy Night Headbow $35

135★253 Rococo Mini Rose Salopette $170.80
135★305 Rose Boudoir Blouse $81.20
135★963 Rose Party Headdress $36.40

Alice and the Pirates
107P356 Drosselmeyer's Wonderbox OP $229.60
107P025 Drosselmeyer's Wonderbox Headbow $35
107P027 Wonder Toy Necklace $72.80

107P331 Twilight Circus OP $212.80
107P343 Lady Pearl Coat $329
106P013 Ceci Rose Dress Hat $113.40
107P014 Lock the Pandora's Memories Necklace $57.40

107P631 Lock the Pandora's Memories Pants $147
107P348 Lock the Pandora's Memories Vest $130.20
107P434 Circus Blouse $96.60
107P968 Melty Mermaid Princess Headdress $30.80

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Sale!

Summer Sale! 
Our Summer Sale has begun! Selected items are now 30-65% off! We will start accepting mail orders for sale items on Monday, July 9th.

(We cannot hold sale items. Point cards do not apply to the sale. Items will vary from the web sale in Japan. To provide speedier service for customers, we will not be wrapping sale items in tissue paper. Thank you for understanding.)

Check out behind the cut for more pictures!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

✰ J-Pop Explosion! ✰

On Friday, July 13th, BABY SF is making an appearance at Big Umbrella Studios! We will have a booth there with specially discounted items for the event, including original print headbows for just $12 +tax ♥

Best of all, admission to the event is free!
We hope to see many Lolitas in attendance~
Join us here or here.

J-Pop Explosion Opening July 13

Our next show is at hand. This time around we’re doing a little homage to Japanese Pop culture. Japan is a really funny place. It’s an epic travel destination too. It will bleed your bank account dry within a few days, but there is no such thing as a “rough neighborhood” so you’re free to walk the streets completely trashed from a never ending night of sake bombing. 
To me Japan is at it’s high point of pop culture hilarity when they manage to copy American pop-isms and then due to vast cultural and linguistic differences (read: Japanese speak English better than you speak Japanese and their English is terrible!) they  are forced to re-interrupt  and spit it back out to us. The results will often vary, but will always be awesome. 
From Harajuku and it’s kawaii girls and boys to Puri-Club and Tonkatsu Ramen whose milky stock has been simmering away for years, to Manga and of course Miyazaki, Hello Kitty, Akira, Macross, Voltron and just plain Anime in general it’s safe to say we have an affinity for the land of the rising sun. 
Come celebrate this crazy, weird Island of awesomeness and it’s far reaching influence with us as we open J-Pop Explosion! 
Featuring a live art battle, Japanese or possibly Vietnamese food, but hopefully Japanese, limited edition special gifts to the first 25 guests, and much more, this is an event not to be missed! 
Featuring the art of:
Cecilia Wong
Eve Skylar
Gabrielle Rose
James Pascal
Kim Herbst
Monico Chavez
Rick Kitagawa
Stephanie Cortes
Twinkie Chan
Vivian Nguyen
+ more