Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reservations for "Chained berry memoir" ♪

We will start accepting reservations for Chained Berry Memoir on Friday, February 4th! In this series, strawberry vines climb up a trellis made of peppermint and lace. Enjoy the walk down memory lane in 5 delectable flavors: Strawberry milk (pink), Soda candy (sax), Strawberry jam (red), Milk tea (brown), & Opera (black).

♥ Chained berry memoir 

135☆215 Chained berry memoir Jenny JSK - $280 +tax

135☆216 Chained berry memoir Maria JSK - $280 +tax

135☆507 Chained berry memoir Mary SK - $186 +tax

More details for the rest of the series is available after the jump! Please click on the photo to see more info on each design.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Window Display

Here are the mannequins we have on display in BABY SF's window! We wanted to try something different, and we encourage Lolitas to be innovative in their outfit choices 

BABY                                           A/P

Please click the jump for more photos and details about the items!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today's Coordinates!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

134☆434 Airy Rose Blouse - White - $150
also available in pink!

134☆252 - Sweet Gingham Border Ribbon Ribbon Jumper Skirt - Mint - $280 - 20% Off!
also available in pink and black!

134☆988 - Sweet Gingham Border Ribbon Ribbon Head Bow - Mint - $50 - 20% Off!

133☆850 - Crown Pochette - Brown - $186 - 50% Off!

134☆0002 - Cinderella Jewelry Necklace - Silver - $56
also available in pink gold and antique gold!

Alice and the Pirates

105P428  Castol Blouse - Ivory - $150 - 30% Off
also available in white and black!

106P337 Tarot Card Vest - Ivory - $186
also available in navy and black!

106P517 Tarot Card Skirt - Ivory - $150

106P988 Tarot Card Head Bow - Ivory - $50
also available in navy and black!

106P036 A/P Plate Trunk Bag - Black - $232

106P006 Queen's Coach Necklace - Pink Gold - $104
also available in silver!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, New Reservations

★HAPPY NEW YEAR, LOLITAS!!!★ We received a new shipment, and will get the complete list ready for you all soon ♪

We will start accepting reservations for Twinkle Dreaming Princess on Friday, January 14th!

The princess's palace of dreams sits atop the highest peak in the realm, blanketed by puffs of cotton candy colored clouds. ♥ She enjoys sweet treats while soaking in idyllic views of the kingdom from her tower with her feline and canine companions.

Twinkle Dreaming Princess

* Cream x Cream Lace
* Pink x Off White Lace
* Navy x Navy Lace
* Black x Black Lace

Please read after the jump for more details on styles and pricing.