Friday, September 27, 2013

♥This Week's Coordinates♦

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

137★245 Babydoll JSK $232
137★436 Ribbon Party Blouse $174
137★991 Searching for Baroque~ Rose Corsage Comb $58
108P040 Gloria Rose Necklace $92
109P979 Fairy Tales Pochette $186

137★516 Welcome to Sweets Hexenhaus Skirt $186
137★408 Ribbon Satin Blouse $150
137★949 Candy Prism Ribbon Comb $38

137★517 My Sweet Mate Kumya's Trick or Treat Lilian Skirt $186
137★418 Pin Tucked Sleeve Double Collar Blouse $138
136★964 Sweet Poodle's Wonder Pocket Bonnet $69.60

Alice and the Pirates

109P319 Jewelry Box Mermaid Onepiece $304
109P983 A/P Crown Printed Beret $64
108P927 Bird Cage Style Pochette $244

109P206 Alice's Tear Bottle Ribbon Tassel JSK $204.40
109P430 Wonder Treasure Blouse $162
109P932 Mermaid Polka Dot Barrette $25.20

109P616 Granny Smith Pants $186
109P431 Cards Alice Ribbon Ribbon Blouse $174
109P312 Airmail Vest $128
109P933 TOY Tricolor Hat $162

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Starting 9/30 (MON), the 2nd floor of the NEW PEOPLE BUILDING will be closed for renovations. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright San Francisco will be closed until 10/18 (FRI) and will re-open on 10/19 (SAT)! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause customers and those planning to visit San Francisco.

Our online store will still accept reservations for current and upcoming reservations [reservation page]. However, we will stop accepting online orders for items that are available for shipment on 9/29 (SUN) at 6:00pm PDT. During this closure, we will not be shipping items to customers nor receiving items from Japan.

For customers inquiring about reservation order updates, we typically cannot provide this information even under normal circumstances. We can give an estimate based on the time frame listed on individual item pages or when items start arriving in Japan stores, but these guesses are only approximations. Items recently taken off the reservation pages will be released in Japan stores soon; items still on the reservation pages have not been released yet.

For any other inquiries, send us an email at  and we will respond as soon as we can. Please refrain from phone messages as we will be unable to reply until we re-open.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you when we re-open!

Friday, September 20, 2013

☁This Week's Coordinates✰

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

137★250 My Sweet Mate Kumya's Trick or Treat Judy JSK $292
137★440 Sweets Choco Blouse $150
137★971 Sleeping Beauty Rose Bonnet $138
137★982 Chocolate Whip Cafe Headband $38

137★518 Searching for Baroque Skirt $210
137★439 Ribbon Ribbon Chiffon Babydoll Blouse $138
137★970 Sleeping Beauty Rose Corolla $150

136★267 Magical Mystery Tea Party JSK $328
137★438 Carolyne Blouse $162
136★959 Magical Mystery Tea Party Ribbon Headbow $52

Alice and the Pirates

109P231 Ghost Town Merrymaking JSK II $292
109P413 Angel Wings Blouse $138
108P098 Crimson Queen Hat $256

109P511 Wicked Queen's Poison Cellar Skirt $198
109P421 Chiffon Frill Blouse $116
109P983 A/P Logo Beret $64

109P513 Rosary Princess Corset Skirt $198
109P405 Houndstooth Ribbon Blouse $150
137★909 Mary's Hat $104
109P950 Grizabella Frill Detachable Collar $64

Thursday, September 19, 2013

✩ The Magic That Ends at Midnight ✩

We will start accepting reservations for the accompanying series to BABY's Disney Cinderella Collection, The Magic That Ends at Midnight, on 9/27 (FRI)!  The Disney collaboration items are sold in Japan only; the San Francisco store cannot accept reservation orders. We CAN order the items listed below:

(off white, gold beige, & navy)

(pink, sax blue, & navy)

137★0046 The Magic That Ends at Midnight Bonnet - $128 +tax
(pink, sax blue, & navy)

(off white, ivory, & navy)

(off white, pink, sax blue, & navy)

We look forward to accepting your reservations!

Monday, September 16, 2013

♤ Alice's Dollhouse ♧

We will start accepting reservations for Baby's newest series, Alice's Dollhouse, on September 20th (FRI)!

Curiouser and curiouser!  Alice has stepped through the mirror to find herself in a tiny dollhouse, with its strange inhabitants inviting her to tea.  The clocks in the house all keep different times, so it's always time for tea 


☆Ivory x Light ivory lace x Baby pink ribbon
☆Pink x Light ivory lace x Pink ribbon
☆Navy x Navy lace x Navy ribbon
☆Brown x Brown lace x Brown ribbon
☆Black x Black lace x Black ribbon

Click here or read after the jump for more details.

✥Destinee de la Rose & Mon Ange Bien-Aime✥

We will start accepting reservations for A/P's newest series, Destinee de la Rose and Mon Ange Bien-Aime, on September 19th (THURS)!

You've seen Misako's and Midori's collaborations with Baby, and now Akira is doing a collaboration as well!  This series features two outfits, so you can choose to be an elegant princess or a dashing prince.  The prince outfit comes in both men's and women's sizes.

Click here or read after the jump for more details.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

☆Weekly Coordinates☆

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

137399 BABY x Kaya Nocturne OP Dress $706
1370099 BABY x Kaya Nocturne Bonnet $128

137713 Heart Pocket Frill Long Parka OP Dress $186
109P911 Alice's Tear Bottle Necklace $104
136045 Usakumya-chan Rucksack $174

137242 Sleeping Beauty Princess Rose JSK $256
137438 Carolyne Blouse $162
137995 Michael's Blessing Rose Headband $92

Alice and The Pirates

108P395 Vampire Prelude Nosferatu OP $564
109P979 Fairy Tales Pochette $186
109P959 Princess Grizabella Headbow $70

109P509 Clockwork Aristokitty Skirt $186
109P431 Trump Ribbon Blouse $174
109P951 Clockwork Aristokitty Ribbon Headbow $44

109P225 Pearl Organdy JSK $244
109P431 Trump Ribbon Blouse $174
109P968 Petite Bouquet Round Headdress $70

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

❄ A/W 2013 BABY & Pirates Coat Collection ❄

We will start accepting reservations for BABY & Pirates Autumn/Winter 2013 Coat Collection on September 13th (FRI)! Please click on the links below to see all the new styles.

137★320 Teddy Ribbon Jacket - $280 +tax
137★321 Scallop Short Jacket - $280 +tax
137★322 Red Riding Hood Cape - $256 +tax
137★323 Little Princess Coat - $444 +tax
137★324 Elie Crown Coat - $444 +tax
137★325 Camelot Princess Coat - $482 +tax
137★326 Embroidered Milky Coat - $432 +tax
137★327 Bunny Fur Cape - $186 +tax
137★335 Little Bear Fur Cape - $186 +tax
137★336 Kitty Fur Cape - $210 +tax

137★337 Antoinette Bouquet Gobelin Coat - $504 +tax
137★338 Tiara Gobelin Coat - $492 +tax
137★339 Crown Gobelin Coat - $492 +tax
(new reservations start on 9/20)

109P323 Bambi Fur Collar Short Coat - $338 +tax
109P324 Long Coat with Hood Cape - $492 +tax
109P325 Ribbon Fur Jacket - $222 +tax
109P333 Long Mantle with Fur Collar - $386 +tax
109P338 A/P Military Coat (Ladies') - $386 +tax
109P339 A/P Military Coat (Men's) - $410 +tax 
109P340 Lace Bustle Coat - $504 +tax

We look forward to accepting your reservations!

Friday, September 6, 2013

✹This Week's Coordinates✹

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

136★530 Alice Mirage in Paradox Skirt $111.60
137★435 Stripe Chiffon Blouse II $150
136★975 Alice Mirage in Paradox Bonnet $76.80
137★008 Secret Rabitte Bag $222

137★234 Marie's Sailor JSK and Headbow Set $280
137★712 Sleeping Beauty Princess Square Collar Cutsew $114
137★075 Usakumya-chan Pochette $88

137★245 Babydoll JSK $232
137★418 Pin Tucked Sleeve Double Collar Blouse $138
137★982 Chocolate Whip Cafe Headband $38

Alice and the Pirates

109P505 Paraiso du un Unicorn Skirt $130.20
109P702 Unicorn Print Cutsew $88
109P911 Alice's Tear Bottle Necklace $104
136★045 Usakumya-chan Rucksack $174

109P508 Jewelry Box Mermaid Skirt $186
137★435 Stripe Chiffon Blouse II $150
109P327 Wicked Lace Shawl $138
109P969 Lady Pearl Double Ribbon Headbow $44

109P606 Houndstooth School Pants $162
109P307 Houndstooth School Vest $162
109P405 Houndstooth Ribbon Blouse $150
109P979 Fairy Tales Pochette $186