Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Collection 2011: Shoes & Umbrellas

The Spring 2011 Collection of Shoes & Umbrellas, for both BABY & A/P, will be available for reservation starting Monday, February 28th! All items are slated to be released in May 2011, although the dates may waver back and forth.

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We look forward to accepting your reservations soon!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet♥Heart Novelty Fair ♪

Our Usakumya Puppet Novelty Fair is winding down, but we have our Sweet♥Heart Novelty Fair lined up next! Customers who purchase $110 or more (excluding tax) will receive a Sweet♥Heart Tote. The free gift excludes the purchase of sale items and lucky packs.

The BABY Princess Drop logo appears on either side of the Sweet♥Heart Tote. The sturdy canvas material and size make it perfect for carrying books, grocery shopping, and more! You can also use it for your next BABY purchase. The tote is big enough to fit a JSK and petticoat or even a large shoe box. The magnetic closure helps keep everything in place while you shop too ♪

Sweet♥Heart Tote
Measurements: 20" x 13" x 8"
Handle Length: 8"

Quantities are limited, so please stop by soon! ♪

*Sparkle & Heart effects are not included.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

★ Scent of Rapunzel ★

We will start accepting reservations for A/P's Scent of Rapunzel on Friday, February 25th.

In the latest interpretation of Rapunzel's tale, we see the fair maiden let down her ro golden hair from atop a high tower for her witch captor. One day, a noble prince on his gallant steed strides up to the same tower and romances Rapunzel. Soon, their tryst is discovered by the witch and she snips off Rapunzel's luxurious hair. What will become of their legendary romance?

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Friday, February 18, 2011

★ Gloomy Bear Collaboration Items 20% OFF ★

Starting on Saturday, February 19th, all BABY & A/P Gloomy Bear Collaboration items will be 20% off the marked price.

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New Arrivals and Coordinates

We received a new shipment!  Here are some coordinates we made for the shop with some of the items we received.

106P346 Jacket $316
106P421 Blouse $150
105P699 Pants $162
106P014 Hat $162

135★203 Jumperskirt $232
134★110 Bolero $150
133★012 Boots $210 30% off $147
135★020 Necklace $58
135★905 Headdress $64

106P233 One Piece $304
106P335 Capelet $186
107P903 Necklace $70
134★828 Headbow $48

106P225 Jumperskirt $256
106P103 Cardigan $116
106P019 Shoes $162
106P013 Hat $162
106P036 Purse $232
107P903 Necklace $70

135★207 Jumperskirt $292
134★422 Blouse $150
135★010 Purse $82
134★090 Shoes $162
134★819 Necklace $100
134★850 Headdress $52

For a full list of new items, please read after the jump.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

♥♥♥Valentines Day Coordinates♥♥♥

Looking for a coordinate for Valentine's Day?  Here are a few suggestions!

Girl & Boy Style
133☆307 One Piece: $280 $140 50% off
134☆108 Cardigan: $150
106P797 Head Bow: $50

106P605 Pants: $162 $113.40 30% off 
105P413 Blouse: $162 $113.40 30% off
106P337 Vest: $186
106P014 Hat: $162

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright 
133☆309 One Piece: $316 $221.20 30% off
134☆962 Head Bow: $58
134☆922 Shoes: $162
133☆033 Purse: $162

134☆226 Jumperskirt: $280 $196 30% off
134☆422 Blouse: $150
134☆810 Head Bow: $44
134☆0009 Tights: $50
134☆012 Shoes: $116
134☆896 Purse: $222

133☆254 Jumperskirt: $292 $204.40 30% off
133☆461 Blouse: $162 $113.40 30% off
134☆834 Beret: $104
134☆014 Shoes: $162
134☆028 Purse: $82 $41 50% off
134☆890 Necklace: $92

Alice and the Pirates 
106P229 Jumperskirt: $292
106P104 Cardigan: $138
105P980 Boots: $210
106P001 Necklace: $70
106P013 Hat: $162
106P928 Purse: $198

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Elizabeth OP Reservations

The Elizabeth OP of Kamikaze Girls (Shimotsuma Monogatari) fame is being re-released in 3 different colors: RED, NAVY, & BROWN! We will start taking reservations on Thursday, February 10th! This classic dress gilded with lace is not to be missed ★

135★303 Elizabeth One Piece Dress - $444 +tax

We look forward to accepting your reservation!

Vampire Requiem Reservations

Reservations for the re-release of Vampire Requiem starts tomorrow: Thursday, February 10th! The Vampire Requiem series sold out through multiple reservations in Fall 2009 and is back for Spring 2011.

The story of the Vampire Lord's conquest is captured once again in A/P's latest release, now in vivid shade of twilight blue that can be found during the Blue Hour. Don't let this chance pass you by! Whether you missed out last time, or desire the print in a different color, this is your chance to purchase one of the most popular A/P prints ever released.

If you don't want to wait until our reservations open up to secure Vampire Requiem, we recommend that you order through the Japanese website. We are unable to guarantee the availability of any of the items at the time the reservation is placed because of the time difference between San Francisco and Tokyo.  Also, we cannot answer questions regarding reservations you have made via the website, please wait for a reply from the online staff. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Vampire Requiem

Please click on the jump for item details!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SALE! Coordinates

We have a great sale going on, with some items up to 50% off!  Here are some great coordinate ideas, using only items from our sales rack.

Coordinate One
Jumperskirt: $292 --> 50% off $146
Cardigan: $116 --> 50% off $58
Purse: $186 --> 50% off $93
Headdress: $64 --> 30% off $44.80
TOTAL: $658 now $341.80

Coordinate Two
Jumperskirt: $292 --> 30% off $204.40
Cardigan: $138 --> 50% off $69
Purse: $82 --> 50% off $41
Bow: $44 --> 50% off $22
TOTAL: $556 now $336.40

Coordinate Three
One Piece: $292 --> 50% off $146
Cardigan: $150 --> 50% off $75
Purse: $82 --> 50% off $41
Headdress: $104 50% off $52
TOTAL: $628 now $314

Coordinate Four
One Piece: $292 --> 50% off $146
Cardigan: $150 --> 50% off $75
Headdress: $42 --> 20% off $33.60
TOTAL: $484 now $254.60

Coordinate Five
Jumperskirt: $292 --> 50% off $146
Cardigan: $116 --> 50% off $58
Headdress: $104 --> 50% off $52
Boots: $222 --> 30% off $155.40
TOTAL: $734 now $411.40

Coordinate Five's jumperskirt is a size large, but we also have it available in the standard BABY medium.  The boots are also available in brown.

Friday, February 4, 2011

♥♥♥ St. Valentine's Fair! ♥♥♥

For Valentine's Day Weekend, BABY SF will be offering 3 different types of lucky packs for sale! The sale will take place on Saturday, February 12th at 12pm ☆☆☆

We will start taking names down of those in line starting at 11am. For your safety, please do not block the elevators or emergency exits while waiting in line. We will have signs posted at the start of the line. NEW PEOPLE Building opens at 8am.

Customers will be let into the store ten (10) people at a time to avoid crowding. We will let non-lucky pack purchasing customers into the store after everyone in the lucky pack line finishes purchasing their items. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

BABY Original Print Set
$330 +tax
Inside is a rare original print set that can only be purchased here! For this set only, you CAN choose the style and color that you like ♪
Original Print JSK
Long Sleeve Blouse (Off White) 
Lace Frill Bolero (Off White)
Headband or Scrunchie
High Socks
Eco Bag
Friendly Kumya-chan Strap

BABY Coordinate Set I 
$174 +tax
For this set, you CANNOT choose the color of the pack ♪
BABY Scallop JSK
(Pink × Off White Lace/Brown × Ivory Lace/Black × Black Lace)
Long Sleeve Blouse (Off White) 
Ribbon Headbow
(Pink × Off White Lace/Brown × Ivory Lace/Black × Black Lace)
Ribbon Print High Socks (Off White/Ivory/Black)
Usakumya Strap

BABY Accessory Set
$56 +tax
For this set, you CANNOT choose the color of the pack ♪
Ribbon Headbow(Off White/Pink/Black)
Scrunchie(Off White/Pink/Black)
Usakumya Strap

・・・& mystery items♪

Each customer will be limited to one (1) of each Lucky Pack per person. We cannot make exceptions as there will be very limited quantities available. On the sale day, we can help you decide which pack will best suit your style and size.

The purchase price does not count towards points or novelties. No returns or exchanges after purchase. These Lucky Packs are for in-store purchase only; we cannot accept mail, phone, or online orders.