Friday, May 27, 2011

✾ This Week's Coordinates ✾

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
135☆308 Baby SSB One Piece $292
134☆0008 Pompon Ribbon Headbow $38
135☆009 Crown Pearl Choker $70
133☆033 Princess Heart Pochette $186

135☆502 Lightness Dot Tulle Panier $150
135☆702 Chained Berry Memoir Round Neck T-Shirt $104
134☆850 Romancia Ribbon Headbow $52
134☆878 Prima Donna Necklace $92
134☆527 Le lac de Cygnes Odile Skirt $210
134☆0021 Take a Walk With Usakumya-chan Heart Bag $210

135☆310 Cards and Alice Heart Apron Set $328
135☆020 Saccharine Ribbon Necklace $58

Alice and the Pirates
106P225 Tarot Card Jumperskirt $256
104P402 Orpheus Blouse $162
107P935  $82

107P208 Scent of Rapunzel Jumperskirt $292
107P301 Lord Abelia Vest $186
106P428 Roderick Asher Pin Tuck Blouse $162
106P014 Hermine Mini Hat $162

106P332 St. Mephisto One Piece $292
106P337 Tarot Card Vest $186
106P982 Midsummer Night Ribbon Plate Necklace $70
107P925 Scent of Rapunzel Earring $30
107P943 Lancaster Rose Headbow $46

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Charity Pack Update

We will start selling all packs
on Sunday, May 29th!
(not Saturday, May 28th)

More info about sale here:

Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess @ BABY SF

We will be displaying the Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess OP set at the Kamikaze Girls charity screening on Sunday, May 29th!

Before the screening, customers who wish to place a reservation for the set are welcome to try on the sample piece in our store. Due to the delicate nature of the material, we will need to measure all customers prior to trying on the OP set.

The fabrics used have no give, so the approximate measurements listed below are for comfortable wear. If your bust measurement is 1"~2" more than those listed below, we recommend wearing a sports bra or minimizer when trying on the set. If your measurements exceed those listed below by > 2", please refrain from trying on this sample dress.

【One Piece Dress】
Length: 35.5"
Bust: 34.5"
Waist: 28.5"
Shoulders: 14" across
Length of Sleeves: 10"
Cuff: 11.5" circumference

Length: 16"
Bust: 30"~34"
Waist: 28"~31"

Thank you for understanding!
We hope to see you all this weekend ~

Friday, May 20, 2011

♪ Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess ♪

We are accepting reservations for the Claudia, the Fairy Tale Princess series starting today, Friday, May 20th! Princess Claudia is a bibliophile and a daydreamer... She is the epitome of a fairy tale heroine. ♪
The gentle heart of a princess
Trembles deep in the wood.
Noble hunter stays his eager blade
Conceives the snowy miss.
Ne'er a heartless Queen's vanity
Shall smother innocence,
For the Mirror knows foremost
The maid who is the fairest.

135★314 Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess OP Set - $494 +tax

135★945 Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess Headbow - $58 +tax

135★946 Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess Cuffs - $42 +tax

135★947 Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess Choker- $42 +tax

For more information, please check out the reservation page here. We look forward to accepting your reservations soon! Please email or call the store if you have any question.

Charity Happy Packs!!!♥

In conjunction with VIZ Cinema's relief efforts, BABY SF will sell Charity Happy Packs starting Memorial Day Weekend (Sunday @ 12pm)! 30% of the sales will be donated to the same charity as the screening (NORTHERN JAPAN EARTHQUAKE RELIEF FUND by JCCCNC).

Usakumya Sweets JSK Set 

 $115 +tax 
 (retail $150 +tax)

Accessory Pack

 $35 +tax 
All items will be color coordinated,
but all packs are sealed.

* Eco Tote
* Headbow
* Accessory
* Keychains
* Socks

Each customer will be limited to one (1) of each Lucky Pack per person. We cannot make exceptions as there will be very limited quantities available. On the sale day, we can help you decide which pack will best suit your style and size.

The purchase price does not count towards points or novelties. No returns or exchanges after purchase. These Lucky Packs are for in-store purchase only; we cannot accept mail, phone, or online orders.

Tsunami & Earthquake Relief For Japan Vol.3: Kamikaze Girls

VIZ Cinema is having its 3rd fundraiser film event on Sunday, May 29th at 6pm! This time the film will be Kamikaze Girls, and all donors will receive a complimentary Kamikaze Girls movie poster ★ We would love to see everyone dressed up before the show!
Click on the photo below for more details~

Tickets are available at the box office or here ($1.30 surcharge applies). 

♔ Coordinates of the Week! ♔

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

135-203 Tartan Check Ribbon Mini Sleeves JSK - $232
135-110 Polka Dot Lame Bolero - $150
134-834 Diana Ribbon Beret - $104

134-313 Sugar Rose Cake OP - $292 20% Off!
135-009 Crown Pearl Choker - $70
135-912 Classical Ribbon Fleur Head bow - $42

134-297 Friendly Usakumya Creamy Quartet Sophie JSK - $280
134-108 Transparent Heart Bolero - $150
134-0027 Friendly Usakumya Creamy Quartet Headbow - $50
134-819 Crown Double Pearl Choker - $100

Alice and the Pirates

105P227 Victorian Card Jumper Skirt II - $292 50% Off
105P813 Victorian Card Headdress - $70 30% Off
107P103 Transparent Rose Bolero - $138

106P233 Carousel Applique JSK I - $304
106P006 Queen's Coach Necklace - $104
107P943 Lancaster Rose Head bow - $46

106P325 Hide and Seek With Missin' Alice - $292 20% Off
107P704 Orchestra Patch Bolero - $128
106P013 Helene Mini Hat - $162
107P982 Midsummer Night Ribbon Plate Necklace - $72

We look forward to seeing you soon at Baby SF!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

★ Macross Frontier and Baby Sandal Collection ★

We are now accepting reservations for the Macross Frontier One Piece collaboration dress and Baby Sandal Collection! Summer is almost upon us. Don't miss this chance to update your wardrobe!

Macross Frontier

135★312 Macross Frontier One Piece Dress - $396 +tax

For more information, check out the reserve page here.

Baby Sandal Collection

135★886 Flora Sandal - $150 +tax
Available in Off-white, Pink, Red and Black 
In sizes S, M, L and LL

For more information, check out the reserve page here.

135★883 Dear Rose Sandal - $150 +tax
Available in Off-white x Off-white, Pink x Off-white, Red x Off-white and Black x Black
In sizes S, M, L and LL

For more information, check out the reserve page here

We look forward to accepting your reservations soon! Please call or email us if you have any questions. Happy coordinating!

Friday, May 13, 2011

♬ New Coordinates ♬

Baby The Stars Shine Bright
135☆216 Chained Berry Memoir Jumperskirt $280
133☆437 Pink Blouse $138 +30% OFF
134☆805 Sailor Marine Mini Hat $82

134☆531 Friend Usakumya Creamy Quartet Lillian Skirt $186
134☆434 Airy Rose Blouse $150
135☆106 Card Pattern Cardigan $150
135☆913 Antoine Bouquet Headbow $70
135☆009 Crown Pearl Choker $70

135☆214 Doll Heroine Jumperskirt $338
134☆450 Candy Cane Blouse $174
107P935 Loreley Headdress $84
134☆0002 Cinderella Jewelry Necklace $56

Alice and the Pirates
107P309 Scent of Rapunzel One Piece $328
106P968 Melissa Headdress $58
106P982 Midsummer Night Ribbon Plate Necklace $74

106P222 Queen's Coach Jumperskirt I $280
107P406 Prince Conrad Blouse $150
106P006 Queen's Coach Necklace $104
107P943 Lancaster Rose Ribbon Headbow $52

106P517 Tarot Card Skirt $150
105P428 Castol Blouse $150 +30% OFF
106P103 A/P School Cardigan $116
105P813 Victorian Card Headdress $70 +30% OFF

Monday, May 9, 2011

✰Night Fairy Fantasia✰

We will start accepting reservations for Night Fairy Fantasia on Friday, May 13th! A/P's newest original print is inspired by Peter Pan's flight to Neverland. With a dash of Tinkerbell's fairy dust, you can join him on his adventures in the glittery night sky~

Night Fairy Fantasia
* Cloudy Sky (brown x ivory)
* Dreamy Planet (green x off white)
* Milky Way (navy x navy)
* Starry Night (black x black)

"Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning."


More details here after the jump...

Friday, May 6, 2011

❈ This Week's New Coordinates ❈

Baby The Stars Shine Bright
135☆206 Twinkle Dreaming Princess JSK $292
135☆109 Baby Logo Appliquéd Lamé Bolero $138
135☆905 Chalerose Headbow $64
135☆009 Crown Pearl Choker $70
135☆010 Enamel Heart Bag $82

135☆213 SSB Salopette Jumper Skirt $232
134☆423 Heart Heart Blouse $150
135☆916 Mademoiselle Ribbon Ribbon Hat $104
134☆896 Heart Scallop Crown Bag $222
135☆003 Merry Pagoda Umbrella $50

134☆270 Royal Rose Jumper Skirt $268
134☆422 Roselina Blouse $150
106P013 Ceci Rose Dress Hat $162

Alice and the Pirates
107P507 Scent of Rapunzel Skirt $186
106P103 A/P School Cardigan $116
107P409 Curiewel Blouse $138
106P982 Midsummer Night Ribbon Plate Necklace $74
107P923 Scissors Rapunzel Necklace $58
106P979 St. Mephisto Cathedral Ribbon Headbow $50
106P988 Tarot Card Ribbon Headbow $50

 106P332 St. Mephisto Cathedral Jumperskirt $280
107P102 Transparent Knitting Ribbon Bolero $138
107P943 Swallowtail Ribbon Headbow $52

106P330 Libretto Stripe One Piece $280
106P006 Queen's Coach Necklace $104
106P013 Ceci Rose Dress Hat $162

Monday, May 2, 2011

❁ New Coordinates ❁

We're ready for summer here in San Francisco! Check out the new coordinates we have on display in our store. Our parasols are going fast! If you have your heart set on one, we hope you can stop by soon ♪


135☆701 Chained Berry Memoir Bolero
135☆216 Chained Berry Memoir Jenny JSK
134☆819 Crown Double Pearl Choker
134☆0021 Take A Walk With Usakumya-chan Heart Bag 
134☆040 Judy Keychain
134☆912 Classical Ribbon Fleur Headbow
135☆004 Petit Ribbon Short Umbrella

135☆916 Mademoiselle Ribbon Ribbon Hat
135☆110 Polka Dot Lamé Knit
135☆702 Chained Berry Memoir Round Neck T-shirt
135☆060 Chain Berry Memoir Necklace
135☆507 Chain Berry Memoir Skirt

134☆324 Gingham Check Rose Doll OP
135☆896 Heart Scallop Bag
135☆001 Lace & Frill Umbrella


106P936 A⁄P Millefeuille Headdress
107P923 Scissors Rapunzel Necklace
107P102 Transparent Knitting Ribbon Bolero
106P224 Tarot Card JSK I

106P013 Ceci Rose Dress Hat
106P006 Queen's Coach Necklace
107P409 Curiewel Blouse
107P208 Scent of Rapunzel JSK II

106P014 Hermine Mini Hat
107P409 Curiewel Blouse
106P621 Mad Hatter Pants