Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Arrivals

We just received a new shipment! For BABY, we received more items from the Le lac des Cygnes series, many accessories and new shoes. For A/P, we have Queen's Coach items and many other must-haves. 

For more details on which items we have, please see after the jump.

Friday, October 15, 2010

New Arrivals

We have just received a new shipment with a number of new series including Aristo Kitty's Invitation, Le Lac des Cygnes, and bags and accessories from Queen's Coach.  We also have many new socks, headbows, and jewelry.

For a full list of our new stock, please follow the jump!

Usakumya-chan's Day Out!

Take a stroll with Usakumya-chan in our brand new series devoted to Baby's mascot! Reservations for this series start today♪

134★295 Take A Walk With Usakumya-chan JSK
$304: pink, red, & black

134★335 Take A Walk With Usakumya-chan OP
$494: ivory, pink, sax, & black

134★0021 Take A Walk With Usakumya-chan Heart Bag
$210: off white, pink, & black

134★0022 Take A Walk With Usakumya-chan Lesson Bag
$138: ofw & blk

More information regarding sizing and details can be found here.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

♥ Cinderella Jewelry Series ♥

We will start accepting reservations for BABY's newest fairy tale print this Thursday, October 7th!

In BABY's newest rendition of Cinderella's tale, she is dripping with pearls and diamonds. Each portrait paints a scene from this age-old story. You can find her dancing with the prince, fleeing down the stairs as the clock strikes midnight, and fitting the shoe that seals the royal couple's fate. The "Cinderella Jewelry" series would not be complete without a matching set of accessories fit for a princess.

134☆339 Cinderella Jewelry Princess OP - $444
134☆292 Cinderella Jewelry JSK I - $280
134☆291 Cinderella Jewelry JSK II - $280
134☆529 Cinderella Jewelry SK - $186
134☆860 Cinderella Jewelry Ribbon Headbow - $50

134☆0002 Cinderella Jewelry Necklace - $56
134☆0003 Cinderella Jewelry Hairpin - $46
134☆0004 Cinderella Jewelry Clip-on Earrings - $30
134☆0005 Cinderella Jewelry Pierced Earrings - $30
134☆0006 Cinderella Jewelry Pearl Choker - $70

♥ Cinderella Jewelry Colors ♥
(black color sample currently unavailable)

More details about styles and sizing can be found here.

☆Vampire Forest Series☆

On the heels of last year's must-have series, A/P has created a sequel to "Vampire Requiem" in this fall's "Vampire Forest" series. As the saga continues, the vampire nobleman has absconded his fair maiden to his castle lair just beyond the forest. But what happens after the wining and dining? 

106P228 Vampire Forest Elisabeth JSK - $328
106P229 Vampire Forest Carmilla JSK - $292
106P230 Vampire Forest Prima Donna JSK - $292
106P519 Vampire Forest Bustle SK - $186
106P034 Vampire Forest Prima Donna Headbow - $44
106P031 Vampire Forest Over Knee Socks - $26

☆ Vampire Forest Colors ☆

We are currently accepting reservations for this series
More details about styles and sizing can be found here.


A/P is dabbling in the occult this fall. Care to have your fortune told? A/P's new "TAROT CARD" series features detailed illustrations of the Major Arcana (such as Star, Moon, Tower, Wheel of Fortune, Judgement & Emperor) entwined in rosebud vines. We are currently accepting reservations for this series★

106P224 TAROT CARD JSK I - $256
106P225 TAROT CARD JSK II - $256
106P517 TAROT CARD SK - $150
106P337 TAROT CARD Vest - $186
106P619 TAROT CARD Pants - $162
106P988 TAROT CARD Ribbon Headbow - $50
106P017 TAROT CARD Boston Bag - $150

★ TAROT CARD Colors ★

More details about styles and sizing can be found here.

Usakumya-chan Re-release!

By popular demand, the Usakumya-chan Rucksack Bag will be re-released this fall!♪ You can also make a reservation at BABY SF★

134★836 Usakumya Rucksack
$174: white

134★853 Usakumya Rucksack Mini Mini
$38: white, pink, & black

A/W 2010 Coat Collection

A/W 2010 Coat Collection are now available for reservation.

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright:

134★323 Velveteen Royal Little Princess Coat - $410:
bordeaux, green, navy, & black
134★328 BABY Logo Embroidered Milky Coat - $444:
off white, pink, red, & black
134★330 Rose d'Autriche Princess Coat - $468: iv, p, & bl
134★331 Miroir Lilly Coat - $432: p, gray, br, & bl
134★334 BABY Logo Fur Jacket - $232: ofw & bl

Alice and the Pirates:

106P338 A/P Logo Fur Jacket - $232: off white & black
106P340 Jizelia Coat - $422: bordeaux, green, & black
106P341 Melty Fur Coat - $444: ivory, wine, & black
106P342 Wilhelm Coat - $456: ladies'/black & men's/black

 More details about each style can be found here.