Tuesday, July 10, 2012

☀ July Shipment ☀

We just received a new shipment from Japan! For BABY, we have the rest of the Kitty, Kitty Rhapsody series, many new blouses and dresses! For A/P, we received the Grimoir of the Moonlight Forest series (we're still waiting on the rest of the series), socks and accessories.

★ Just in time too! We cleared a whole rack of sale items this weekend. ★

Please read after the jump for a complete list of items!


136★245 Kitty, Kitty Rhapsody Paris JSK  
136★520 Kitty, Kitty Rhapsody Apron Skirt 
136★939 Kitty, Kitty Rhapsody Ribbon Headbow
136★940 Kitty, Kitty Rhapsody Kitty Ear Headband 

136★226 Dot Ribbon Decoration JSK
136★231 Sweet Cherry & Berry JSK + Headbow Set
136★232 Stripe Bouquet JSK
136★234 Lattice Check JSK
136★238 Blooming Flower JSK 
136★258 Petit water drop Frill JSK
136★259 Petit water drop Scallop JSK
136★319 Stripe Sweet OP
136★320 Stripe Garden OP + Headbow Set
136★321 BABY Ribbon Rain Coat
136★324 Twinkle Contellation and the Stars of Confeito OP
136★325 Classic Sailor OP 

135★426 Dot Marie Blouse 
136★428 Cherry Parade Round Collar Blouse
136★429 Cherry Parade Square Blouse
136★430 Stripe Blouse with Jabot
136★431 Stripe Frill Blouse  
136★514 My little red riding hood Skirt 
136★516 Cherry Parade Skirt
136★521 Sophia Sailor Skirt
136★712 Clock Rabbit Print T-shirt 
136★725 Star Cutsew OP
136★726 Star Cutsew
136★727 Cherry Pattern Mesh Gingham Cutsew
136★730 Cherry Pattern Mesh OP
136★731 Sophia Sailor Cutsew 

136★0012 Gingham Ribbon Bracelet
136★0013 Gingham Ribbon Barrette
136★008 Alice's Clock Pochette
136★020 Ellie Crown BAG
136★029 Red Riding Hood's House Bag 
136★938 Twinkle Constellation and the Stars of Confeito Headbow
136★946 Sweet Jewelry Princess Pearl Wrist Cuffs


108P228 Grimoir in the Moonlight Forest JSK I
108P229 Grimoir in the Moonlight Forest JSK II
108P514 Grimoir in the Moonlight Forest Corset Skirt 
108P818 Grimoir in the Moonlight Forest Over Knee Socks  
108P966 Grimoir in the Moonlight Forest Ribbon Headbow 

108P225 Rosier Fleur JSK
108P227 Treasure hunt in the mystic island Mary JSK
108P805 Trick Hat,Pricked Heart Over Knee Socks
108P813 Poison de l'amour Over Knee Socks
108P923 Feather Rose Headbow
108P955 Fairy Tales Pochette
108P959 Juliette Bonnet Headdress
108P965 A/P Buckle Belt
108P974 Rosiano Noble Grosgrain Headbow
108P977 Ariel Rose Headdress