Saturday, July 30, 2011

♪ New Coordinates ♪

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
135★233 Unico ♥ in Bloomland JSK $280
135★966 Royal Mille Feuille Headbow $50
135★428 Short Sleeve Back Shirring Blouse $138
134★890 Hearted China Necklace $92

135★718 Shirring Cutsew OP $116
135★109 Baby Logo Applique Lame Bolero $138
135★954 Lady Rose Headbow $44
135★020 Saccharine Ribbon Necklace $58
135★028 Versailles Rose Bouquet Bag $150

135★236 Early Summer Chocolate Strawberry Parfait Yoke Shirring JSK $268
134★732 Prima Donna Bolero $110
134★0021 Usakumya Heart Bag $210
135★922 Chained Berry Memoir Hat $104

Alice and the Pirates
107P214 Time of the Roses JSK $292
107P425 Bell Blouse $128
135★966 Royal Mille Feuille Headbow $50
107P951 Time of the Roses Necklace $104

107P618 Mercurius Pants $198
107P406 Prince Conrad Blouse $150
107P970 Melty Mermaid Princess Necklace $70
107P938 A/P Trunk Bag $232
107P928 Orchestra Hat $162

107P323 British Check OP $280
106P014 Hermine Mini Hat $162
107P904 Julie Fish Bag $256

Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Summer Sale is Ending!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and it's time for our Summer Sale to say goodbye. The sale will be ending Sunday, August 7th. That means you have just over one week left to take advantage of our many new items that are currently 30% off. So if you haven't yet checked out our sale, come on by! This is your last chance!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Fashion Contest (6)
- BABY Coordinate Sets
- A/P Coordinate Sets

Lottery Prizes (16)
- Accessory Sets
- Skirt Sets
- Bag Sets
...and more!!!

We only have 11 tickets left, so come by and pick up one soon before we're sold out!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Arrivals!

We just received a new shipment! For BABY, we have Unico in BloomlandEarly Summer Chocolate Strawberry Parfait, dresses, cutsews, and accessories. For A/P, we have Melty Mermaid Princess, Night Fairy Fantasia, Time of the Roses, Operalia Bouquet, British Check, dresses, and more ★

Please read after the jump for a complete list!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Flying Love From Juliet

We will start accepting reservations for BABY's newest series, Flying Love From Juliet, on Tuesday, July 19th! This new print portrays the true blue lovebirds of summer in ornate birdcages surrounded by heart-shaped floral wreaths and delicate rose bouquets.

Flying Love From Juliet

* Nostalgic Ivory
* Romantic Pink
* Memoire Brown
* Rococo Black

Click here for more details or read after the jump...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

⋆ミ ~ New Coordinates ~ミ⋆

We are so excited about the new Harry Potter movie opening tomorrow night, we made coordinates inspired by side characters from the Harry Potter books! All starred (*) items are on sale ~☆


Professor Dolores Umbridge
134★528 Aristokitty SK - $198
134★743 Louise Frill Pullover - $104
135★307 Chelsea Lala Jacket - $292*

Lavender Brown (Gryffindor)
135★221 Versailles Rose Bouquet Charlotte JSK - $304*
135★936 Versailles Rose Bouquet HD - $50*
135★307 Chelsea Lala Jacket - $292*

Luna Lovegood (Ravenclaw)
135★207 Twinkle Dreaming Princess JSK - $292*
135★109 BABY Logo Applique Cardigan - $138*
134★949 BABY Cookie Headband - $104*
134★850 Romancia Ribbon Headbow - $52
135★035 Ribbon Heart Bag - $186
134★041 Friendly Bear Mini Sophie - $34
135★853 Usakumya Ruck Mini Mini - $38
134★097 Hearty Booties - $174
107P961 Fantasic Fairy Pendant - $42


Bellatrix Lestrange 
106P233 Carousel Applique JSK I - $304
107P505 Rosary Corset SK - $186*
105P982 A&P Lilie Long Boots - $232
135★921 Mademoiselle Jewel Rose Round Comb - $104*

Madam Poppy Pomfrey
106P332 St. Mephisto Cathedrale OP - $292
106P103 A/P School Cardigan - $116
106P015 Ceci Rose Dress Hat - $162

Blaise Zabini (Slytherin)
107P413 Mad Hatter Blouse - $162*
107P313 - Jerenile Vest - $174*
106P625 Vampire Rose Embroidery - $174

Cho Chang (Ravenclaw)
 107P211 Diana Chiffon JSK - $222*
107P420 Emilier Chiffon Blouse - $150*
107P943 Lancaster Rose Grosgrain Ribbon Headbow - $46*
106P017 TAROT CARD Boston Bag - $150
107P806 Scent of Rapunzel Over Knee Socks - $26*
105P960 A/P Mille Feuille Shoes - $150

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ELEVENSES Brunch Event

We are happy to announce that Baby SF will be having a summer event! More details can be found on the Event Info page, or by clicking the banner below.

(ɪˈlɛv ə nzɪz) 
— pl informal  ( Brit ) ( sometimes functioning as singular a light snack, usually with
tea or coffee, taken mid-morning

Monday, July 4, 2011

Save the Date

We will be making a proper announcement at a later date! We cannot answer any questions until the announcement has been made. Hope to see many of you there ~

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New items are 30% OFF


We're happy announce that we have added the following new series to our sale! Please look for a silver holographic star (★) at the top of the price tag. These items are 30% off!!! The sale includes dresses, tops, bottoms, socks, and accessories. The sale was too sweet to keep a secret, so now we're letting everyone know. ♪ The sale is only going on for a limited time, so stop by soon!

Chocolate Fairytale Fascinate
Versailles Rose Bouquet
Chained berry memoir
Twinkle Dreaming Princess
Innocent Berry's
Ma Cherie
Dot Frill
Gingham Lumine
Rococo Floria
Doll Heroine
Mademoiselle Princess
Rose Boudoir
Dobby rosebud
Tartan Check

Time of the Roses
Scent of Rapunzel
Dance of the Black Cats
Gather Chiffon
Diana Chiffon
Trump Chiffon
A/P Cafe Set
Snow Dot Princess Sundress

* Sale items do not qualify for points, novelties, or promotions.
* Sale only applies to stock on hand and not on special orders.
* Sale items cannot be held for customers during the sale period.
* Only the star (★) stickers indicate sale items, all other stickers indicate item colors.

Please call or email us if you have any questions about the sale or would like to make a stock inquiry. ☆ミ

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!
135☆514 BABY SSB Marine Skirt $174
107P409 Curiewel Blouse $138
135☆916 Mademoiselle Ribbon Ribbon Hat $104
135☆950 Toricolore Hairband $36

135☆224 Gingham Rumine  Jumperskirt $244
135☆719 Round Collar Puff Sleeve Cutsew $104
135☆922 Chained Berry Memoir Mini Hat $104
133☆033 Princess Heart Pochette $186
135☆060 Chained Berry Memoir Necklace $70

134☆297 Friend Usakumya Creamy Quartet Judy Jumperskirt $280
135☆425 Macherie Blouse $174
135☆035 Ribbon Heart Bag $186
134☆0028 Friend Usakumya Creamy Quartet Bonnet $128

107P419 Prince Conrad Short Sleeve Blouse $138
107P509 Time of the Roses Skirt $186
107P952 Time of the Roses Necklace $70
107P949 Time of the Roses Ribbon Barrette $44

107P204 Dance of the Black Cat Jumperskirt $280
107P417 Jozeilia Blouse $162
107P916 Marguerite Headdress $50

107P312 A/P Cafe Set $304