Monday, June 27, 2011

~ ` * S U M M E R ♥ S A L E * ` ~

Starting this week, we will be rolling out discounts for items all over the store! It's too much to release everything on one day, so we will be releasing the sale over the course of the week (6/28~7/3). Please be patient. We will announce which items will be on sale each day via Twitter. Be sure to follow us to stay up-to-date!

30% ~ 65% OFF
select items throughout
the store

By Monday, July 4th, most of the items in our store will be on sale!!! If you want first dibs on the items, we recommend that you come in the day they go on sale. Be on the lookout for 30% OFF items with a holographic star (★)! These are new items that will be on sale for a limited time only! Don't miss out ♪ This is an exclusive offer for our blog readers! Be sure to mention it upon checkout.

* Sale items may not be special ordered at a discount. The full purchase price applies to all special orders.
* Sale items do not qualify for points, novelties, or promotions.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

♞ This Week's Coordinates ♞

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
135☆225 Dot Frill Jumperskirt $210
135☆425 Ma Cheri Blouse $174
134☆0002 Cinderella Jewelry Necklace $56
135☆901 Cameron Headbow $44

135☆317 Ma Cheri One Piece $338
135☆109 Logo Appliqued Lamé Bolero $138
135☆035 Ribbon Heart Bag $186
134☆853 Usakumya Rucksack Mini-Mini $38

Alice and the Pirates
107P216 Night Fairy Fantasia Jumperskirt I $304
107P424 Fantasia Lamé Chiffon Blouse $150
107P961 Fantastic Fairy Pendant $42
107P928 Selene Mini Hat $162

107P617 Night Fairy Fantasia Overalls $198
107P708 A/P Embroidered Polo Shirt $92
107P961 Fantastic Fairy Pendant $42
107P943 Lancaster Rose Grossgrain Ribbon Headbow $46
107P904 Julie Fish Bag $256

107P612 Stripe Ribbon Pants $150
107P413 Mad Hatter Blouse $162
107P313 Jernile Vest $280
107P938 A/P Plate Trunk Bag $232

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Arrivals!!!

We received a new shipment! For BABY, we have many new summer dresses, blouses, Ribbon Heart Bags, and lots of accessories~ For A/P, we have Night Fairy Fantasia in all styles (but not all colors), Time of the Roses skirts, blouses, and accessories ★

Please read after the jump for a complete list!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

♣ New Coordinates! ♣

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
135☆210 Rose Boudoir Jumperskirt $292
135☆706 Ribbon Heart Pattern Mesh Cardigan $128
135☆939Versailles Rose Headbow $56
135☆060 Chained Berry Memoir Necklace $70
133☆033 Princess Heart Pochette Purse $186

135☆0009 Jumperskirt Set (M-size) $150 $115
(available in L-size)
30% goes to Earthquake & Tsunami Relief!

135☆221 Versailles Rose Bouquet Jumperskirt $304
134☆450 Candy Cane Blouse $174
135☆936 Versailles Rose Bouquet Headbow $50

Alice and the Pirates
107P507 Scent of Rapunzel Skirt $186
107P412 Scissors Rapunzel Blouse $150
107P928 Selene Mini Hat $162
107P904 Julie Fish Bag $256

107P212 Cards Queen Jumperskirt $256
107P103 Half Sleeves Rose Transparent Knitting Bolero $138
106P982 Dream in Midsummer Night Necklace $72
107P938 A/P Plate Trunk Bag $232
106P114 Mini Hat $162

107P210 Gathered Chiffon Jumperskirt $292
107P409 Curiewel Blouse $138
107P928 Selene Mini Hat $162

Thursday, June 16, 2011

✿ Unico♥ in Bloomland ✿

We will start accepting reservations for BABY's Unico♥ in Bloomland on Thursday, June 23rd! The BABY unicorn frolics in the castle garden with her butterfly friends~♪

Unico♥ in Bloomland
* Ivory x Off White
* Pink x Off White
*Navy x Navy
* Black x Black

 Please read here or after the jump for more details!

Monday, June 13, 2011

✮ Melty Mermaid Princess ✮

We will start accepting reservations for A/P's Melty Mermaid Princess on Friday, June 17th! This design is illustrated by Yoh, who has collaborated with A/P on Strawberry Princess, Apple Princess, & Rapunzel. Each frame in this new print depicts a different scene from the classic tale, The Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havfrue), by Hans Christian Andersen.

Melty Mermaid Princess

* Bianca (white x sax blue)
* Ecru (ivory x brown)
* Madonna (navy x navy)
* Noir (black x purple)

 Please read after the jump for more information!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Our new Eco-Friendly Campaign starts on Friday, June 10th!

We know many of you already have some of our lovely tote bags,
and we want you to wear them with pride! 
(plus, you're helping the environment)

Customers who shop with a BABY or A/P tote bag
will receive one (1) extra point on their point card,
in lieu of a BABY or A/P shopping bag ~ ★ミ

* For purchases over $50 +tax only
* BABY or A/P tote bags only (no substitutes),
exceptions made for BABY or A/P purse bags
* One stamp per customer per day
* Sale items excluded

Rules are subject to change.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

Our High Sock Novelty Fair is still going on, but popular styles are going fast!

* Le lac des Cygnes High Socks
* Beading Ribbon Lace High Socks
* Small Lace High Socks

More applicable tote bag examples after the jump!

❀ New Coordinates! ❀

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
135☆223 Chocolate Fairytale Fascinate JSK $292
134☆435 Babydoll Blouse $162
135☆010 Enamel Heart Bag$82
135☆905 Chalerose Headbow $64

135☆211 Karami three-tiered JSK $222
134☆722 Sailor Cross Cutsew $108
133☆033 Heart Pochette Bag $186
134☆858 Precious Present Round Comb Headdress $42

135☆509 Versailles Rose Bouquet Skirt $186
135☆407 Carolyne Blouse $162
135☆939 Versailles Rose Headbow $56
134☆836 Usakumya Bag $174

Alice and the Pirates
107P204 Dance of the Black Cat JSK $280
106P103 School Cardigan $116
106P982 Dream of Midsummer Night Necklace $72
105P814 Victorian Card Suit Bonnet $116 +30% OFF

107P208 Scent of Rapunzel JSK $292
107P938 Plate Trunk Bag $232
105P428 Castol Blouse $150 +30% OFF
107P943 Lancaster Rose Headbow $42

107P312 Cafe Set $304

Friday, June 3, 2011

☁ New Coordinates ☼

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

135☆305 Rose Boudoir OP $448
135☆917 Rose Budoir Bonnet $104

135☆220 Versailles Rose Bouquet JSK $292
135☆706 Ribbon Heart Knit $128
135☆009 Pearl Crown Choker $70
135☆936 Versailles Rose Bouquet Headbow $50

135☆303 Elizabeth OP $444
134☆813 Fontanges Headdress $50

Alice and the Pirates

107P411 Edible Rose Blouse $162
107P213 Operalia Bouquet JSK $268
107P946 Operalia Bouquet Hair Combs $38

107P315 Time of the Rose OP $328
107P949 Time of the Rose Hair Barrette $44

107P211 Diana Chiffon JSK $222
107P934 Swallowtail Headbow $52
107P416 Liliene Chiffon Blouse $150
106P982 Dream in Midsummer Night Necklace $72

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Arrivals!

We just got a new shipment! For BABY, we have Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale, Versailles Rose Bouquet, Rose Boudoir, Usakumya-chan Rucksack Mini Mini, and many more ♪ For A/P, we have Time of the Roses, a restock of Scent of Rapunzel (including green), blouses, and accessories ★

We know it has been a long wait for new items. Thanks for being so patient~ Please read after the jump for a complete list of items!