Saturday, July 7, 2012

List of Sale Items

We've had a lot of people ask about our sale items for email orders, so here's a full list of everything in the store we just put on sale! Everything is 30% off its original price.
135★253 Rococo Mini Rose Salopette in Ivory, Pink, Black
135★248 Regimental Olivia JSK in Bordeaux, Navy, Black
135★245 Trump Regimental JSK in Pink
136★212 Florence Rose JSK in Ivory, Pink, Navy, Black
135★263 Love Ring Present Box Amy JSK in Pink
136★210 Love Ring Love Ribbon JSK in Pink

107P217 Night Fairy Fantasia JSK in Black
107P223 Vanilla Babydoll JSK in Purple
107P237 Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box JSK in Yellow, Green

134★324 Gingham Check Rose Doll OP in Black
135★320 Flower Garret Scarlet Long OP in Beige
135★330 Teddy Ribbon Short Coat in Black
135★329 Polka Dot Marguerite Coat in Black

107P354 Misty Night Royal Game OP in Bordeaux, Green
107P356 Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box OP in Yellow, Green
107P343 Lady Pearl Coat in Red

135★116 Snowflake Embroidery Cardigan in White, Pink
135★114 Ribbon & Pearl Cardigan in White, Black
135★113 Trump Cardigan in WhitexPink, PinkxWhite
135★111 BABY School Cardigan in Red, Black
135★119 Ribbon Lame Cardigan in White
135★112 Lame Lace Bolero in White, Black

107P109 Rose Knit Cardigan in White, Red
107P106 A/P School Cardigan in White, Red, RedxBlack
107P110 Frill Lame Cardigan in White, Black
107P114 PomPom Scarf in BlackxWhite

135★405 Frill Frill Blouse in White
135★407 Caroline Blouse in Pink
135★412 Sort Sleeve Shirring Blouse in Pink
135★438 Back Pin Tucked Blouse in White, Ivory, Pink, Brown, Black
135★437 Regimental Olivia Blouse in Navy
135★440 Regimental Frill Blouse in Purple, Navy, Black
135★441 Heart Heart Blouse in White, Black
136★401 Back Pintuck Blouse in White
136★402 Pintucked Sleeves Blouse in White
136★403 Mary Blouse in White
136★404 Shirring Blouse in White
136★405 Waist Shirring Blouse in White
136★408 Ribbon Party Blouse in Ivory, Pink

107P429 Martine Rose Blouse in White
107P426 Shandia Dress Shirt in White
107P434 Circus Blouse in White
107P433 Prince Conrad Blouse in Navy
107P446 Wonder Box Blouse in BrownxGreen, BlackxNavy, BlackxRed
107P425 Belle Blouse in Black
107P415 Wonder Treasure Blouse in WhitexGold
108P401 Bowtie Blouse in White, Black
108P408 Lucius Blouse in White, Ivory, Navy, Black, Navy (men's)
108P411 Biblia Blouse in White
108P412 Julius Blouse in White, Black, Black (men's)
108P415 Luft Blouse in White, Black
108P404 Lace Collar Blouse in White

135★517 Early Summer Chocolate Strawberry Parfait Skirt in White, Brown
135★525 Angel's Whisper in the Holy Night in Sax
135★526 Love Ring Present Box Carrie Skirt in Pink

107P514 Night Fairy Fantasia Skirt in Brown

135★602 Torchon Lace Bloomers in White, Ivory, Pink, Black
135★603 Floral Lace Bloomers in White, Pink
136★601 Torchon Lace Drawers in White, Black
136★703 Cutsew Drawers in White, Black

135★727 Lollipop Ribbon Bolero in Pink, Red
136★701 Ruffle Lace Bolero in White
136★707 Stripe Ribbon Lace Bolero in White, Pink
136★705 Strawberry Lace Bunny Cardigan in White, Black
135★730 Marchin' Chocolate Cookie Cutsew in White, Pink, Black
136★702 Princess Drop Round Collar Pullover in White, BlackxWhite

107P719 Mad Hatter Print Cutsew in White
107P727 Chiffon Yoke Pullover in White, Ivory
107P724 Trick Hat Romper in Black
107P726 Trick Cat Hoodie in Khaki
107P725 Trick Cat Skirt in Khaki

107P618 Mercurius Pants in White
107P324 British Check Vest in Black
107P619 British Check Shorts in Black
107P337 Mad Tea Party Vest in GrayxYellow, BlackxYellow
107P627 Mad Tea Party Shorts in GrayxYellow, GrayxGreen
107P347 Witch, Black Cat, Apple Tree Vest in Ivory, Navy, Red
107P628 Witch, Black Cat, Apple Tree Shorts in Ivory, Navy, Red, Black
107P348 Lock the Pandora's Memories Vest in Red, Black
107P631 Lock the Pandora's Memories Pants in Gray, Red, Black
108P309 Monochrome Rose Garden Vest in Gray
108P610 Monochrome Rose Garden Shorts in Gray, Black
108P609 Quartet Pants in Black

Head Items
135★853 Love Ring Present Box Mini Hat in Pink
135★991 Sparkly Heart Earmuffs in White, Pink, Black
135★973 Flying Love From Juliette Ribbon Headbow in Pink, Brown
135★962 Rosary Rose Headdress in Brown
135★878 Clockwork Tea Party Headbow in Pink
135★986 Alice's Secret Key Headbow in Pink, Ivory, Sax
135★864 My Sweet Mate Kumya's Honey Hunt Headbow in Ivory, Brown, Black
135★865 My Sweet Mate Kumya's Honey Hunt Bonnet in Ivory, Brown, Pink, Black
135★858 Angel's Whisper in the Holy Night Bonnet in Navy, Black
135★983 Veronica Rose Canotier in Pink, Black
135★963 Rose Party Headdress in Ivory, Pink
135★993 Crystal Ribbon Combs in Black
135★977 Princess Drop Swinging Combs in Navy
135★972 Gingham Margaret Ribbon Combs in Red, Brown, Black

107P968 Melty Mermaid Princess Headdress in Ivory, Black
107P025 Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Headbow in Yellow
108P917 Rose Frill Grossgrain Headbow in Ivory
106P014 Hermine Mini Hat in Ivory
106P013 Ceci Rose Dress Hat in Red
107P928 Selene Mini Hat in Bordeaux
107P922 Scent of Rapunzel Bonnet in Black

135★838 Hoshi no Namida Tights in WhitexSilver
135★843 Present Box OTK Socks in Red

107P519 A/P Clock Tights in WhitexGold

Accessories & Bags
135★073 Clockwork Tea Party Ribbon Key Earrings in Silver
135★074 Clockwork Tea Party Necklace in Silver
135★079 Friendly Kuma-Chan Judy in Silver
135★077 Hoshi no Namida Hime Pearl Choker in Pink Gold
135★076 Hoshi no Namida Hime Ring in Silver, Pink Gold
135★069 Trump Quilting Bag in White, Black
135★036 Polka Dot School Bag in Pink, Red, Black
134★0021 Take a Walk With Usakumya-Chan Heart Bag in White, Pink, Black

107P014 Lock the Pandora's Memories Necklace in Antique Gold
107P961 Fantastic Fairy Pendant in Blue
107P963 Fantastic Fairy Barrette in Blue
107P027 Wonder Toy Necklace in Silver, Antique Gold
107P962 Night Fairy Fantasia Bag in Ivory, Green, Black