Friday, March 30, 2012

♬ Weekly Coordinates ♬

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
135★518 Flying Love From Juliette Skirt $186
136★408 Ribbon Party Blouse $174
135★083 Love Ring Present Box Necklace $92
135★973 Flying Love From Juliette Ribbon Headbow $52
136★021 Enamel Heart Pochette $44

135★319 Flower Garrett Juliet Long OP $376
135★077 Hoshi no Namida Princess Pearl Choker $44
136★913 Spindle Bonnet $104

Tartan Check Salopette $76
136★403 Mary Blouse $162

Alice and the Pirates
108P205 Birdcage JSK $292
108P412 Julius Blouse $156
108P906 Doll Coppelia Bonnet $150

108P210 Trick Hat, Pricked Heart Corset JSK $292
108P408 Lucius Blouse $150
108P916 Dorsy Nea Rose Bonnet $100

107P223 Vanilla Babydoll JSK $256
107P110 Frill Lame Caridgan $116
108P929 Trick Ribbon Necklace $58

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poison de lámour

On Friday, March 30th, we will start taking reservations for Alice and the Pirates new Shakespeare print Poison de l'amour. The print is based on the balcony scene in Act 2, Scene 2 of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet! This series also has men's size and style attire, so all you Romeos out there can also be a part of Alice and the Pirates production of Shakespeare's most well known play!

Poison de l'amour
Rose(Pink)×Ivory chiffon×Ivory lace×Brown ribbon
Rosário(Red)×Ivory chiffon×Ivory lace×Red ribbon
Raphael(Navy)×Navy chiffon×Navy lace×Navy ribbon
Noir(Black)×Black chiffon×Black lace×Black ribbon

Friday, March 23, 2012

New Shipment and New Coordinates!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright 
136★217 Pas de Deux in the blue moon Odile JSK $304
135★448 Raphael Blouse $174
135★0040 Winged Princess Drop Key Necklace $24
135★857 Angel's Whisper in the Holy Night Ribbon Headbow $50

136★301 Snow Dot OP $280
136★901 Cameron Headbow $44

Ribbon JSK $76
136★434 Square Neck Long Sleeved Blouse $58
136★913 Spindle Bonnet $104

Alice and the Pirates 
108P206 END of immortal EDEN JSK $292
108P402 EDEN Frill Blouse $174
108P913 END of immortal EDEN Bonnet $116

107P429 Martine Rose Blouse $162
108P507 END of immortal EDEN Skirt $198
106P013 Ceci Rose Dress Hat $162 

A/P Tartan JSK $76
107P108 Pearl Bolero $150
108P929 Trick Ribbon Necklace $58
108P008 Mini Fairy Tale Pochette $44

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

❀ Cherish My Juicy Cherry ❀

Starting tomorrow, we'll be accepting reservations for BABY's new series, Cherish my Juicy Cherry!

Spring is here, a time for new beginnings
Blossoms bloom on the cherry trees

❀ Cherish My Juicy Cherry ❀
☆Ivory×Off white lace×Brown ribbon
☆Pink×Off white lace×Pink ribbon
☆Saxe blue×Off white lace×Saxe blue ribbon
☆Red×Off white lace×Red ribbon
☆Black×Black lace×Black ribbon

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Friday, March 16, 2012

New Shipment and Weekly Coordinates!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright 
136★209 Chocolate a la Mode JSK $350
136★408 Ribbon Party Blouse $174
135★865 My Sweet Mate Kumya's Honey Hunt Bonnet $128

136216 Pas de Deux in the blue moon Odette JSK $292
136★407 Frill Frill Blouse $174
136★073 Ellie Crown Pearl Choker $70

136★214 Red Riding Hood JSK $222
136★310 Red Riding Hood Cape $162

Alice and the Pirates 
108P209 Angelica JSK $304
108P405 Doll Coppelia Blouse $186

108P211 Trick Hat, Prick Heart Babydoll JSK $292
107P423 Star Blouse $138

108P411 Biblia Blouse $150
108P617 Butler's Cummerbund Belt Pants
108P319 Butler's Swallow Jacket $268
108P926 EDEN's Gate Key Necklace $58

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Friday, March 9, 2012

♛ This Week's Coordinates ♛

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
134★324 Gingham Check Rose Doll OP (Size L) $422
135★991 Sparkly Heart Earmuffs $82

135★264 Love Ring Present Box Party JSK $280
135★118 Marchin' Chocolate Cookie Cardigan $138
136★901 Cameron Headbow $44

136★502 Karami Skirt $174
135★428 Short Sleeve Back Shirring Blouse $138
135★119 Ribbon Lame Cardigan $138
136★905 Chocolate Carre Headbow $48

 Alice and the Pirates
107P237 Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box JSK $292
107P446 Wonder Box Blouse $162
107P027 Drosselmeyer's Wonder Toy Necklace $104
108P917 Rose Frill Grossgrain Headbow $48

107P323 British Check OP $280
108P919 A/P Charm Ribbon Tie $50

108P609 Quartet Pants $162
108P415 Luft Blouse $150
107P337 Mad Tea Party Vest $174

Friday, March 2, 2012

♦♦ This Week's Coordinates ♦♦

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
134★282 Royal Rose JSK $268 -40% off  
135★332 Little Princess Coat $444
136★901 Cameron Headbow $44

135★121 Frill Pullover $82
135★239 Tartan Check Blitz JSK $232
135★074 Clockwork Tea Party Cake Necklace $58

136★206 Karami Three-Tiered JSK $222
135★114 Ribbon & Pearl Cardigan $138
136★904 Karami Headbow $44

 Alice and the Pirates
108P202 Gather Chiffon JSK $292
107P438 Chiffon Babydoll Blouse $174

107P235 Misty Night Royal Game $280
107P106 A/P School Cardigan $116
108P915 Golden Needle Ribbon Headbow $44
107P014 Lock the Pandora's Memories Necklace $82

108P412 Julius Blouse $156
108P604 Doll Coppelia Pants $186
108P301 Doll Coppelia Short Vest $210