Monday, April 4, 2011

⌛ Time of the Roses ⌛

We will start accepting reservations for A/P's Time of the Roses on Friday, April 8th!

Seventeen past ten, the sun feels like heaven. For the roses, its warmth is a sensation. Beauty is the dream of every carnation. The flowers all bloom in my garden by day, showing off their colors as if on display. As the day wears on, after the clock strikes noon, the summer months will come to the patient soon. At five to five, the moon will start climbing high, as the glowing sun sets and closes its eye. My roses are asleep, my garden's lonely. The flowers grow weary. They're my one and only. The cold wind blows, and it's a terrible sin. My roses wilt before day begins.

Time of the Roses

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107P214 Time of the Roses Jumper Skirt Ⅰ - $292+tax

107P215 Time of the Roses Jumper Skirt Ⅱ - $292+tax

107P315 Time of the Roses One Piece dress - $328+tax

107P509 Time of the Roses skirt - $186+tax

107P811 Time of the Roses Over Knee socks      $26+ tax

107P949 Time of the Roses ribbon barrette $44+tax

107P950 Time of the Roses scrunchy - $28+tax

107P951 Rose frame pearl choker $104+ tax

107P952 Rose frame necklace $70+tax

107P953 Rose frame ring - $38+tax

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We look forward to accepting your reservations! ⌛