Friday, April 15, 2011

♦ New Arrivals and Coordinates ♦

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
135☆0003 Tartan Check Jumperskirt and Headbow Set
134☆0021 Take a Walk With Usakumya-chan Heart Bag
135☆106 Card Pattern Cardigan

135☆309 Dobby Rosebud One Piece
134☆0002 Cinderella Jewelry Necklace
134☆0022 Take a Walk With Usakumya-chan Lesson Bag

135☆215 Chained Berry Memoir Jenny JSK
107P409 Curiewel Blouse
135☆060 Chained Berry Memoir Necklace
135☆916 Mademoiselle Ribbon Ribbon Hat

 Alice and the Pirates
106P711 Creeping Rose Knit Tank
106P512 Hide n' Seek With Missin' Alice Skirt
105P428 Castol Blouse
105P034 Victorian Card Headdress

107P208 Scent of Rapunzel JSK I
107P102 Transparent Knitting Ribbon Bolero
107P934 Swallowtail Headbow
107P923 Scent of Rapunzel Necklace

107P309 Scent of Rapunzel One Piece
107P935 Loreley Dress Headbow
107P923 Scent of Rapunzel Necklace

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135★215 Chained berry memoir Jenny JSK
135★216 Chained berry memoir Maria JSK
135★507 Chained berry memoir Marie SK
135★014 Chained berry memoir Bag

135★206 Twinkle Dreaming Princess JSK I
135★212 Mademoiselle Princess JSK
135★308 BABY SSB OP
135★205 Dobby rosebud JSK
135★309 Dobby rosebud OP
135★0009 Usakumya Sweets JSK Set/M
135★0010 Usakumya Sweets JSK/L
135★0003 Tartan Check Mini-sleeve JSK & Headbow Set

135★405 Frill-ful Blouse
134★422 Roselina Blouse
135★104 Ribbon Lame Cardigan
135★105 Usakumya-chan Lame Cardigan
135★106 Trump Cardigan
135★108 Heart Transparent Short Sleeve Cardigan
135★109 BABY Logo Applique Lame Bolero
135★110 Polka Dot Lame Bolero
135★704 Princess Drop Round Yoke Pullover
135★705 Bunny Ears Cardigan

135★502 Lightness Dot Tulle Panier
135★808 Sparkly BABY Logo Over Knee Socks
134★098 Small Lace High Socks

135★009 Crown Pearl Choker
135★011 Dress up Party Wallet
135★012 Dress up Party Passcase
135★018 Crystal Heart Ring
135★023 Cherry Lace Wrist Cuffs
135★067 Pocket Watch Rabbit Ring
135★913 Antoine Bouquet Headdress

134★049 Gingham & Frill Umbrella
134★050 Heart & Dot Print Foldable Umbrella
135★001 Lace & Frill Umbrella
135★002 Rich Frill Umbrella
135★003 BABY Merry Pagota Umbrella
135★004 Petit Ribbon Short Umbrella
135★005 Heart & Dot Print Foldable Umbrella
135★006 BABY Birdcage Umbrella


107P208 Scent of Rapunzel JSK I
107P309 Scent of Rapunzel OP
107P507 Scent of Rapunzel SK
107P923 Scissors Rapunzel Necklace
107P925 Scissors Rapunzel Earring

107P201 Princess Jellyfish Collab Kuranosuke Stripe JSK/M
107P204 Dance of the Black Cat JSK

107P101 A/P School Cardigan
107P102 Transparent Knit Bolero
107P103 Rose Transparent Knit Short Sleeve Bolero
107P104 Mad Hatter Cardigan
107P409 Curiewell Blouse

107P601 A/P Torchon Lace Drawers
107P807 Vampire Rose Over Knee Socks
107P808 A/P Crown Border Over Knee Socks

106P014 Hermine Mini Hat
107P920 A/P Torchon Lace Wrist Cuffs
107P910 Vampire Rose Round Headdress
107P934 Swallowtail Ribbon Headbow
107P935 Loreley Dress Headbow
107P957 Strawberry Princess Print Tote BAG

107P001 A/P Merry Pagota Umbrella
107P002 A/P Rococo Umbrella
107P003 A/P Frill Foldable Umbrella

We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!