Sunday, November 4, 2018

Event Report: ~❁~Tales From the Black Forest~❁~

Thank you to everyone who attended our 9th Anniversary Party,
Tales from the Black Forest!

Time to check in!

❁Tasty hors d'oeuvres

❁Did any of the evidence help you?

❁ The Crimson Queen and Queen Lilith 

❁ The castle maids conspiring!

❁ Who has the answers you seek?

❁ Cheers!

Our beautiful raffle winners! R-L, T-B
Princess Claudia
Princess Arietta
Fairy Trinity
Queen Lilith
Princess Henrietta

❁ Our four prize winners of evening! R-L, T-B
Our mystery culprit: Fräulein Gretel
Wealthiest guest: Lady Scheherazade
Best Performance: Princess Rapunzel
Best Dressed: Miss Filomela

Thank you everyone!
We look forward to seeing you again