Wednesday, November 21, 2018

☆。+ Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials 。+☆


11/23 (FRI) ~ 11/25 (SUN)

Starting at 12:00PM on Friday, November 23rd,
select items throughout the store are

Buy 2 items, Get 15% OFF*,

or Buy 3+ items, Get 20% OFF*!

*Sale excludes:
Limited Items
& other new arrivals.

Our Black Friday sale will end at 6:00PM PST on Sunday, November 25th
No phone or online orders will be accepted.

  • Sale items do not qualify for stamps or stamp card redemption.
  • No price adjustments for previously purchased items or items on hold at our store.
  • We cannot hold sale items for purchase at a later time.
  • Sale items are sold in as-is condition; we will not be offering in-store repair services.
  • There is a limit of 3 items at a time and 6 items total for the fitting room.
  • Please ask for assistance before using our changing room. We do reserve the right to decline a try-on for any reason.
  • No photos or videos are allowed anywhere in our store, especially the changing room.
  • Please see our store page for more info on changing room etiquette at our store.

BABY 30th Anniversary Releases

Little Red Riding Hood Onepiece
$390 +tax

Robe a la Francaise Onepiece Set
with matching headdress
$494 +tax



Rin-chan's Gretel Onepiece Set
with matching headdress
$532 +tax

Limited BABY Logo Ribbon Usakumya-chan Face Bag - $68 +tax

★★★ SOLD OUT ★★★

(Limited to 1 per customer)
Pink, Lemon, Lavender, Green, Red, Bordeaux, and Navy

We will also have a few limited hair accessories with matching ribbons available for sale in-store.
Our face bags will be available for online purchase beginning Monday at 12 AM PDT. Purchase is limited 1 per customer, thank you for your understanding.


11/26 (MON)
Our Cyber Monday sale starts Monday, November 26th, at 12:00AM PST and ends on the Monday, November 26th, at 11:59PM PST. We will also offer further discounts on our sale items beginning at the same time. 

Enter discount code CYBERMONDAY at checkout

for 15% OFF* your total!

*Sale excludes:
Limited Items
& other new arrivals.

  • We anticipate a high volume of orders, so please do not expect same day shipments for your orders.
  • We can accommodate combined orders, but this may delay the shipment of your order.
  • No price adjustments for previously purchased items or items on hold at our store.
  • We are not responsible for purchasing errors, including but not limited to quantity, color, or item choice.
  • Sale items are sold in as-is condition; we will not be offering in-store repair services.
  • Sale only applies to selected items in the Cyber Monday Sale collection of our web shop. We cannot extend the discount to other items that are not in the collection.
  • All items are FINAL SALE; we will NOT accept returns or exchanges on sale items for any reason. No exceptions.

Please read after the jump for to review our Store Rules~

Store Rules:

Due to the high volume of foot traffic we receive during sales events, we need to implement a few guidelines to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience for everyone.

  1. Please do not use BABY SF as a meeting point for meet-ups or gatherings; the store will be very crowded.
  2. Customers may only try on six (6) items total, and may not add items while in the dressing room unless there is no queue. Customers must decide which items to try on before entering the dressing room. We may impose a time limit of 20min, if there are more than five (5) people waiting for the dressing room.
  3. Staff may ask to hold your items up at the front while you continue to browse. We will hold the items until you are ready to try them on or purchase them. Please be mindful not to drag our items on the floor.
  4. The pink ottoman cushion is reserved for customers to try on shoes only. Please do not use it to store your bags/clothes (we have a coat rack), to take a nap, or prop up your feet. Please do not set your personal items on top of our items either.
  5. Please do not lean on store furniture or fixtures. They are meant to support clothes and not people. We are not responsible for injuries caused by these actions.
  6. Please be careful with the accessory cases, and do not try to move or open them without staff assistance.
  7. Children who are under or appear under the age of ten (10) must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  8. No food or drinks allowed in the store. Please finish everything outside, and do not leave trash lying around.
  9. All stores on the fashion floor are separate. Please pay for your items before leaving the store.
  10. Photos are still not allowed.
If you choose not to adhere to our guidelines, we may ask you to leave the store. We reserve the right to amend the rules listed above at any time. Our normal store rules still apply, and in the future, may be amended to reflect some or all of these rules. Thank you for your cooperation.

☆ We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend! ☆