Thursday, February 1, 2018

♪。゜+. GIRLISM × Pullip Collaboration Golden Vienna & Blue Danube River Dress Set 。゜+.♪

We will be accepting in-store and online reservations for the
Baby, The Stars Shine Bright' x GIRLISM × Pullip collaboration
Golden Vienna and Blue Danube River Dress Set, on February 1st (THU)!

Reservation period ends on March 4th (SUN) at 6pm PST!


All the years have come, and the years have gone, but the oft told tale is not true, for of all the things the Danube is, the Danube is not blue. The Danube is green, what's more it ain't clean. It's green as a bean. It ain't not serene. And though the blueberry looks a little purple, And though your maple syrup looks a little murple, Don't believe what you have heard or you have saw. Oh the Danube isn't blue, it's green. Oh, the Danube is green as the grass in the spring It's as green as the dollar you spend on a fling. It's as green as the paint that you put on the screen. Oh the blue of the Danube is greener than green. The Danube isn't blue (Am I blue? No!) The Danube has another hue (Who? Me? You!) It's time we all came clean, (B.O.) 'Cause the Danube isn't blue, it's green.

Johann Strauss II / Sol Meyer / Arr. Del Porter & Spike Jones

$808 +tax

※ For reservation at the store, we require full payment up front.
※ Since it is a “made-to-order” item, it will not be sold in store.
※The cancellation of reservation of this item will not be accepted with any reasons.

We look forward to accepting your reservations!