Wednesday, February 7, 2018

♡♡♡ BABY 30th ☆ Anniversary Usakumya & Kuma Kumya Pochettes Set ♡♡♡

Thank you for your continuous support for BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT & ALICE and the PIRATES.
To mark BABY's 30th anniversary, Special Edition Usakumya & Kuma Kumya pochettes set will be out ♡

Entries will only be accepted until 
February 12th 7:00pm PST!! 
All orders after 7:oopm PST will not be eligible for the lottery.


Entry for the 
BABY 30th☆Anniversary
Usakumya & Kumakumya Pochettes Set

PRICE: $286 +tax
USAKUMYA: Off White x Red Ribbon x Red Dress
KUMA KUMYA: Milk Tea x Red Ribbon x Red Dress

Serial numbers are embroidered on their paws ♪
They're precious only one Kumyas in the world!

Usakumya wears a heart shaped apron style dress...
Kuma Kumya wears a lovely mini hat...
Special set with full of BABY's Kawaii
and our thanks for everyone ♪

Entry Period: From February 9th (FRI) to February 12th (MON)

Entry Method for In-store Customers: Please inform shop staff that you are interested in entering the lottery and fill out a special order form.

Entry Method for Online Customers: Please fill out a mail order form HERE, starting at 12pm PST on February 9th (FRI). You may also send entries through the Japan web shop, but any entries will be handled through the overseas online shop.

Notification of the Selection Result: On February 14th (WED,) we will contact ONLY the selected customers. Please refrain from inquiring, if you are not selected. Thank you for understanding.

No set limit per customer. However, if entries exceed available stock, 1 set per customer limit will be imposed. Multiple entries are not accepted and will not increase your chances of being selected, so please enter only once. Limit of one entry per person. Thank you for your cooperation.

Payment: For the selected customers, you will have 7 days from our selection result email to pay the total in full. If payment is not made within 7 days, the order will be canceled automatically.

We look forward to your entry!