Friday, May 15, 2015

∙∙•●This Week's Coordinates●•∙∙

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
 B39JS224 Sheryl Lacy Jumperskirt $258
B39BL413 Re・ci・pe for the Endless Dream Stand Collar Blouse $178
B39CD705 BABY Heart Embroidered Cutsew Cardigan $108
B39HA917 Sheryl Lacy Headdress $42

B39SK514 Kumya Chan’s Sugar Baby Icing Cookie Skirt $172
B39BL428 Snow Dot Sugar Blouse $138
B39PA703 Heart Rider’s Jacket $158
B39OH918 Kumya Chan’s Sugar Baby Icing Cookie Ribbon Headbow $46
B38BG812 Napoleon Fish Bag $174

B39OP706 BABY Heart Embroidered Onepiece Dress $158
B39HA921 Shirley Ribbon Comb $30

B39JS227 Dot Ribbon Jumperskirt $198
B39PO704 BABY Heart Embroidered Pullover $80
B39HA941 Dot Ribbon Chou Chou $18

Alice and the Pirates
P11JS209 Asymmetry Jumperskirt $218
P11CS704 Cutsew Blouse with Dot Tulle Lace $80
P10OT010 Captain Hollow Eye Patch $30

P11SK503 CHOcOlate addiction ~with your SweEt MEmories~ Skirt $168
P11BL413 Drag Star Blouse $128
B39BL412 Crown Embroidered Sailor School Blouse $148
P11OH902 CHOcOlate addiction ~with your SweEt MEmories~ Barrette $46
P11AC005 CHOcOlate addiction Necklace $70