Saturday, May 9, 2015

*♥○o。 This Week's Coordinates 。o○♥*

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

 B39OJ216 Celestial Harmonia~Angelic Melody Upon the Stars~Polaris Jumperskirt $258
*B39BL426 Celestial Harmonia Lame Graph Check blouse $148
B39OH916 Celestial Harmonia~Angelic Melody Upon the Stars~Headbow $46
B38BG819 Loulou Pochette $198, 30% OFF
*This item is no longer available

B39SK515 Closed in the Playing Cards~Bitter Sweet Memories~Skirt $158
B39BL413 Re・ci・pe for the Endless Dream Stand Collar Blouse $178
B39PA703 Heart Rider’s Jacket $158
B39HA914 Bunny Ear Headbow $38
*B38BG812 Napoleon Fish Bag $174
*This item is no longer available in this colorway

*B39OP314 Adelaide Onepiece Dress $298
B39HA901 Fairy Corolla of Trifolium $128
*This item is no longer available

Alice and the Pirates

P11JS208 Tartan Check Tiered Jumperskirt $218
P11BL403 Griottines Blouse $138
*P10HA943 A/P Lace Grosgrain Ribbon Comb $32
P10BG824 Coffin 2WAY Bag $198
*This item is no longer available in this color

P11OP310 Sleeping Chiffon Onepiece Dress $238
*B39BL420 Angelic Melody Upon the Stars Stripe Chiffon Blouse $138
B38HA958 Salon de thé Minette Créme Headbow $49
*This item is no longer available in this color

P11SK508 Mémoire Lointaine~My Tiny Musical Box~Skirt $168
B39PN509 Lace Frill Petticoat $148
B39BL412 Crown Embroidered Sailor School Blouse $148
P11CD101 A/P Cello School Cardigan $128
B39HA920 Shirley Ribbon Headbow $44