Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MAGICAL MYSTERY TEA PARTY Reservations Update - Pirates

We are still accepting reservations for A/P items

108P335 Mystic Alice one-piece set - $458 +tax

108P986 Mystic Alice mini hat - $198 +tax

108P451 Princess rabbit’s frill blouse - $198 +tax

108P345 Princess rabbit’s short jacket - $222 +tax
(bordeaux & black)

108P634 Princess rabbit’s corset pants - $186 +tax

108P017 Princess rabbit’s ribbon clock necklace - $70 +tax

The following items will be available for reservation on Friday, August 31st!

108P450 Crimson Jack blouse - $162 +tax
(white & black / ladies' & men's)

108P349 Crimson Jack jacket - $328 +tax
(ladies' & men's)

108P635 Crimson Jack pants - $174 +tax

108P019 Crimson Jack pirates hat - $198 +tax

108P446 Mad Hatter stand collar blouse - $138 +tax
(white & black / ladies' & men's)

108P337 Mad Hatter jacket - $280 +tax
(ladies' & men's)

108P336 Mad Hatter cape - $150 +tax
(ladies' & men's)

108P629 Mad Hatter long pants - $174 +tax

Reservations for the following items have ended:
108P395 Vampire Prelude Nosferatu dress 
108P099 Witch HAT 
108P396 Crimson Queen Dress 
108P098 Crimson Queen HAT 
108P398 Rosier Mariage suit 
108P397 Rosier Mariage mantle 
108P097 Rosier Mariage silk HAT 
108P399 Rosier Mariage Dress 
108P096 Clock Bunny Mini Silk Hat
108P095 Mad Hatter three-stage silk hat