Monday, August 20, 2012

Anniversary Sale List - Alice and the Pirates

Here is a list of the A/P items for our Anniversary sale!

70% off
108P414 Griottines blouse in White

50% off
108P102 Rose transparent knitting bolero in Red & Navy
108P105 Rose and butterfly cardigan in White, Red, & Black
108P106 Marine short sleeve cardigan in White & Black
108P219 Solielle ribbon scallop jumper skirt in Ivory, Red, & Black
108P301 Doll Coppelia short vest in Black
108P312 Holy School jacket in Navy & Black
108P315 St. Helena cape in Navy & Black
108P321 Labyrinth Alice set in Navy & Black x White

108P404 Lace collar blouse in White
108P411 Biblia blouse in White
108P412 Julius blouse in White/ladie’s, Black/ladies’, Black/men’s
108P416 Stripe crepe blouse in White
108P417 Holy School blouse in White x Black
108P421 Stripe royal ribbon blouse in ladies’
108P604 Doll Coppelia pants in Black
108P617 Butler’s cummerbelt pants in Red/ladies’, Red/men’s, & Black/ladies’
108P703 Bird cage printed cut and sewn in White & Black

108P805 Trick Hat, Pricked Heart over knee socks in Red & Navy
108P815 Marine border over knee socks with emblem in Tricolor & Black
108P912 The END of immortal EDEN ribbon head bow in Green
108P913 The END of immortal EDEN bonnet in Red, Green, & Navy
108P933 Holy School mini hat in Navy & Black
108P934 Swing A/P ribbon comb in Black x White
108P935 Swing A/P ribbon hair ties in White, Ivory, Green x Ivory, Green x Green, Red, Brown & Ivory, Navy, Black x White
108P018 Femme fatale mini hat in Black
108P941 Marionette mini bowler hat in Black
108P816 A/P embroidered border over knee socks in Black x White
108P817 A/P embroidered border high socks in Black x White
diary-ap A/P Planner