Monday, March 30, 2020

・✿ฺ ஐ Fairy tale Herbarium~pouring an eternity~・✿ฺ ஐ

We will be accepting reservations online for BABY's
Fairy Tale Herbarium~ pouring an eternity~♡ 
beginning Friday, April 3rd at 12:00 PM PDT.

Once our allotments are filled, we only accept special orders based on online availability.
1 color, 1 piece, per item, per customer.

Click here for the reservation form.

Thank you for understanding.

ஐ〰ฺ・:*:・✿ฺ ஐ〰・:*:・・:*:・✿ฺ ஐ〰・:*:・・:*:・✿ฺ ஐ〰・:*:・

ஐ〰ฺ・:*:・✿ฺ ஐ〰・:*:・・:*:・✿ฺ ஐ〰・:*:・・:*:・✿ฺ ஐ〰・:*:・

Off White

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【Reservation START】Online: Friday, April 3rd at 12 PM PDT
【Reservation END】Tuesday, April 7th at 7 PM PDT

Fairy tale Herbarium~pouring an eternity~apron Jumperskirt
$312 +tax

Fairy tale Herbarium~pouring an eternity~ribbon Jumperskirt
$302 +tax

Fairy tale Herbarium Blouse
$186 +tax

Fairy tale Herbarium Ribbon Comb
$32 + tax

Fairy tale Herbarium Ankle Length Socks
$30 + tax

The following items can be reserved on a lottery basis only.

Fairy tale Herbarium~pouring an eternity~ Onepiece Dress
$322 +tax

Fairy tale Herbarium~pouring an eternity~ Headbow
$56 +tax

Fairy tale Herbarium Necklace
$88 +tax

Fairy tale Herbarium Earring
$36 +tax

Fairy tale Herbarium Pierced Earring
$36 +tax

【Regarding Entries】

• BABY SF will only accept entries through the online form; we will not be accepting entries via phone or in-store.
• Entries before or after the specified period will be considered invalid.
• Entries are NOT on a first-come, first-serve basis.
• Entries are limited to customers located within the United States and Canada; please select local pick-up or require shipping when filling out the form.
• Limit of 1 entry per customer; multiple entries with the same name OR shipping address may be considered invalid.
• Entries with incomplete information in the entry form will be considered invalid. 

【After the Lottery】

• Only selected winners will be contacted.
• BABY SF will contact winners via the email listed in the entry form. If we cannot contact you by email or phone, we will cancel the entry. 

【Regarding Payment and Delivery】

• BABY SF will send notification emails with instructions on how to complete your payment.
• Payment is due within 7 days of notification; pick up is required within 30 days of notification.
• A form of identification (e.g. driver's license, passport, student id, etc) is required upon pick up; the entry name and ID name must match. We CANNOT sell this item without identification. Photocopy or image will not be accepted.

• For purchases that require shipping, we will send the items to the address provided in your contact form. The shipping address must match . If your shipment is considered undeliverable, the customer is responsible for re-delivery shipping charges.

• BABY SF CANNOT accept substitute purchases for any reason; only the lottery winner may pay for or pick up the item. If the customer name and mailing recipient name does not match, the order may be canceled without notice.

• Payment and pick-up must be completed within the specified period above or will be automatically canceled.

• Stamp cards may not be redeemed on this item.

We look forward to accepting your reservations!