Tuesday, February 18, 2020

✿ Online Limited Secret Happy Pack! ✿

Online Limited Secret Happy Pack!
BABY SF will start selling happy packs online at 12:00 noon PST 02/19 (WED)!

Price: $380 + tax

 This pack includes 5 items 
1 BABY Original Print JSK + 1 Matching Headdress
1 A/P Original Print JSK + 1 Matching Pair of Socks
1 BABY Blouse
 ♪ ✿


Color and cut choices are random.

Happy packs will be available starting at 12:00 noon PST on 02/19 (WED). Orders placed via email or over the phone will NOT be accepted. Orders that include more than one (1) lucky pack are subject to cancellation without notice.

All happy packs are shipped individually and cannot be combined with other items, including other lucky packs. If your lucky pack is ordered with other items, your entire order will be canceled. Please place a separate order for additional items.

Thank you for your cooperation!

As a reminder, ALL SALES ARE FINAL for lucky packs.

We cannot accept returns or exchanges for any reason.

Once happy packs have run out, we cannot make one for you from items in the store.

Thank you for understanding.