Wednesday, September 19, 2018

~♡(´ω` )Nekokumya Pochette(´ω` )♡~

We will begin accepting online and in-store reservations for the newest addition to the BABY family, Nekokumya Pochette starting Thursday, September 20th!!

Update 9/20/18: We just received great news that BABY SF is receiving limited allotments of the Nekokumya Pochette in the Black colorway!
Allotments will be in-store only for today, Thursday, September 20th.
Any remaining allotments will go up online tomorrow, Friday, September 21st starting 12pm pt.

*Limited one per customer.

Orders for the White colorway will be accepted as per normal based on availability on the Japanese website.

Please be aware that due to the popularity of the Nekokumya Pochette, our store allotments are very limited.


Hi there, I'm Nekokumya! It's nice to meet you nya~

Off white x Red dot
Black x Red dot

$86 + tax

We look forward to accepting your reservations!