Wednesday, September 13, 2017

◆◇☆彡◆◇ Star Collectors' Odyssey ◇◆☆彡◇◆

☆ Thank you everyone for attending our Star Collectors' Odyssey event! ☆

Time to check in and get some food!

Admiring the event limited items!

Delicious, delicious pastries 

All you can eat eggs, bacon, and more!

Did you have a favorite dish?

Plenty of food to go around!

It's always good to catch-up with friends ♡

Were you a magical girl, stargazer or something even more extraordinary for our contest?

Selecting raffle winners...

...and more winners! Hope you won!

No coats necessary on this sunny day!

There's always time for selfies ♪

★ BABY fashion contest winners:
 a Star Collector (left) and Star Paladin (right)

 PIRATES fashion contest winners:
 Morningstar Collector (left), Space Bunny (right), and  Star Paladin (front)

Hope everyone had an amazing time!