Wednesday, March 23, 2016

.。o♡o。. Usakumya ♥ Kuma Kumya 。o♡o。.

We will begin accepting reservations for BABY's collection, 
Usakumya ♥ Kuma Kumya, on March 24th (THU)!

The popular Usakumya returns! 
Collect him in his traditional pink ribbons, 
or add the new chess rose pink or chess cherry red to your collection! 
Accompanying him is the adorable Kuma Kumya, in her beloved milk tea hues~

♥ Usakumya
♥ Kuma Kumya

Click here or read after the jump for more details.

$76 + tax
♥ Pink ribbon
♥ Chess rose pink ribbon
♥ Chess cherry red ribbon

$76 + tax

We look forward to accepting your reservations!