Tuesday, February 9, 2016

。*:..。o Weekly Coordinates o。:..*。

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
B40OJ201 Creamy Berry Fairy Dream Jumperskirt I $248
B39BL465 Fun Fun School Blouse $148
P11OH907 Swan Lake~Ephemeral Tears~ Round Head Dress $66 $46.20

B39OJ242 Labyrinth Collection Room~Mireille Jumperskirt $338
B39BL462 Pastoral in the Grass Green 〜Poem of the Shepherd〜 Lily Blouse $196
B39OH941 Labyrinth Collection Room~ Headbow $56
B39PN522 Long Frill Petticoat $188

Alice and the Pirates
P11JK343 Schöne Rose von Schwestern Jacket $278
P11SK520 Rosary Princess Corset Skirt $168
P11BL444 Mini Card Lace Sailor Blouse $128
P11HA932 Milky Rail Train Clock Silk Hat $198
P11AC020 Milky Rail Train Nella Chain Belt $80
P11BG843 Air Mail Shoulder Bag $158
P11CP333 Milky Rail Train Clock Cape Mantle$328

P11OJ220 Banquet in the Dark Night with Dancing Roses Jumperskirt II $288
B39BL454 Florence's Medicine Chest Elsie Blouse $198
P11OH913 Banquet in the Dark Night with Dancing Roses Barrette $46
P11AC006 Mon Manège à Moi Necklace $128 $89.60

P11JS231 Starry Sky Melody Jumperskirt $198
P11BL445 Cross Buttons Blouse $168
P11HA950 SECRET GARDEN Grosgrain Headbow $38