Sunday, July 5, 2015

∙∙✰∙∙✰∙∙This Week's Coordinates∙∙✰∙∙✰∙∙

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
 B39OJ203 Fairy Topialium ~Promise in the Forest of Trifolium~ Arvense Jumperskirt $268
B39BL411 Ribbon Party Blouse $158
*B39HA901 Fairy Corolla of Trifolium $128
B39HA903 Fairy Headdress of Trifolium $60
B39OT001 Wings of the Fairy $86
*This item is no longer available

B39OJ214 Rowel Embroidery Scallop Jumperskirt $268
B39BL412 Crown Embroidered Sailor School Blouse $148
B39HA948 Swing Princess Drop Ribbon Barrette $40

 *B39JS216 Shirring Princess Jumperskirt $208
*B39PO704 BABY Heart Embroidered Pullover $80
B39HA947 Torchon Lace Frill Bonnet $96
*This color is no longer available

Alice and the Pirates
*P11JS211 Side Frill Jumperskirt $278
P11BL414 Berceuse Blouse $158
*P10HA904 Steam Rabbit Goggles $90
P10BG824 Coffin 2Way Bag $198
*This color is no longer available

 P11JS208 Tartan Check Tiered Jumperskirt $218
P11BL414 Berceuse Blouse $158
P10HA917 Minstrel Marching Hat $79
B38UK877 Kuma Kumya Pochette $76

P11OP314 Mémoire Lointaine~My Tiny Musical Box~Onepiece $288
P11CD101 A/P Cello School Cardigan $118
B39HA920 Shirley Ribbon Headbow $44