Sunday, January 18, 2015

♪☆This Week's Coordinates☆♪

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
B38CO336 Katie Louna Coat $312
B38JS232 Olivia Jumperskirt $280
B38BL445 Petit Frill Chiffon Blouse $140
B38HA964 Swing Princess Drop Combs $42

B38OP309 Ave Maria ~Heavenly princess and Madonna lily~ Onepiece $420
B38BL433 Ribbon Party Blouse $172
P10HA940 Funeral Rose Toque Hat $186

B38OJ227 Sonnet for Juliet ~Love Potion with Romantic Irony~ Corset Jumperskirt $388
B38BO109 Snow Crystal Bolero $150
B38OH920 Sonnet for Juliet ~Love Potion with Romantic Irony~ Barrette $44

B38OP317 Sister Maria's Hummingbirds Onepiece Dress $410
B38OH917 Sister Maria's Hummingbirds Headbow $54

Alice and the Pirates
P10PT615 Funeral Procession Of Rose~ Aria Blooming In The Twilight Long Pants $194
P10BL415 Rose Crown Blouse $140
P10VT308 Edgar Vest $204
P10HA917 Minstrel Marching Hat$166

P10OP320 Starlight Carnevale Onepiece $344
B38HA958 Salon de thé Minette Creme Headbow $76
P10AC033 Funeral Lace Choker $72
P10PN503 Lady of the Camellias Petticoat $140