Saturday, May 17, 2014

✷Starlight Carnevale✷

We will start accepting reservations for A/P's newest series, Starlight Carnevale, on May 21st (WED)!

Paper faces on parade...
Hide your face,
so the world will
never find you!

Every face a different shade...
Look around - 
there's another
mask behind you!

Andrew Lloyd Weber, Alan Jay Lerner & Charles Hart for Phantom of the Opera

Saxe blue x Orange
Navy x Pink
Black x Purple
Red x Black

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P10OJ215 Starlight Carnevale JSK I - $338 + tax

P10OJ216 Starlight Carnevale JSK II - $328 + tax

P10OP320 Starlight Carnevale Onepiece - $374 + tax

P10SK509 Starlight Carnevale Skirt - $232 + tax

P10OH910 Starlight Carnevale Headdress - $88 + tax

P10OH911 Starlight Carnevale Bonnet - $162 + tax

P10SC817 Carnevale Diamonds Overknee Socks - $26 + tax
(special order only)

(special order only)

P10AC024 Cat Mask Necklace 
(email order only)

P10AC026 Carnevale Pearl Choker
(email order only)

P10AC025 A/P Maschera Clip 
(email order only)
Items listed as special order are now available for purchase through the San Francisco store. Please check item availability before ordering.
Items listed as email order only must be purchased via email through the Japanese website, instructions can be found here.

We look forward to accepting your reservations!