Friday, November 22, 2013

◄ Original Print Election Series ►

The results are in!

Starting November 29th (FRI), we will be accepting reservations for the newly selected Original Print Election Series:

Sugar Bouquet & Midsummer Night's Dream

Don't miss this chance to pick up these nostalgic and highly coveted prints! We recommend ordering directly from the Japanese website at 12:00AM PST to secure your own piece of BABY & A/P history. Once the items sell out on the website, we will be unable to accept reservations. Expected release date in Japan: February 2014.

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☆Off white x Off white lace x Off white broad
☆Pink x Off white lace x Off white broad
☆Black x Black lace x Black broad

138★205 Sugar Bouquet Ribbon Jumper Skirt - $280 +tax

138★910 Sugar Bouquet Ribbon Head Bow - $50 +tax

138★008 Sugar Bouquet Bucket Bag - $116 +tax
Illustration Only

138★009 Sugar Bouquet Boston Bag - $128 +tax
Illustration Only


☆Black x Black lace x Black ribbon
☆Navy x Navy lace x Lavender ribbon

Illustration Only

We look forward to accepting your reservations!