Thursday, December 6, 2012

♥ ♥ ♥ BABY's memorial series ♥ ♥ ♥

BABY is releasing many of their most popular prints from previous seasons in brand new styles! More styles may be released in the future on a non-fixed schedule.

Starting off with the Alice Chess Skirt set, BABY's first original print series, the set includes a skirt and one white blouse (the blouse is paired with the skirt beforehand).

136★534 Alice Chess Skirt Set - $210 +tax
(ivory, pink, red, navy, and black)

The Usakumya-chan's Stylish Sweet Time dress is decorated with diamond shaped ribbon frames showcasing items that help Usakumya-chan get all dolled up!

(ivory, pink, sax, red, and black)
[Limited item for the online store, Harajuku, & Osaka only]

Next up is the Alice in Funfair dress featuring a funfilled day at the fair in Wonderland! Fun fact: the BABY Shinjuku store has pink Alice in Funfair wallpaper throughout the store ♥ Check out their blog!

136★0047 Alice in Funfair Ribbon JSK - $256 +tax
(off white, pink, and mint)

Another BABY favorite is the Sugar Bouquet series showcasing strawberries, roses and polka dots! This print adorns the walls of the new BABY Harajuku store (blog) and the BABY 2013 planner cover. We do not carry the planner at our store, but it can be purchased from the Japanese webshop or a Kinokuniya Bookstore near you and online.

136★0049 Sugar Bouquet Tiered JSK - $280 +tax
[Limited item for the online store, Harajuku, & Osaka only]

Twinkle Dreaming Princess is a San Francisco staff favorite! The gold sparkles throughout the print add an extra bit of fancy to one of BABY's dreamiest prints ♥

136★0050 Twinkle Dreaming Princess Tiered JSK - $280 +tax
(ivory, pink, navy, and black)
[Limited item for the online store, Harajuku, & Osaka only]

Have you had a chance to visit the BABY Paris store? The address for the store appears in the alphabet soup of Princess Drop seals on the Paris Princess Drop dress. ♥

136★0051 Paris Princess Drop Tiered JSK - $280 +tax
(ivory and sax)
[Limited item for the online store, Harajuku, & Osaka only]

These styles are available on the website now!