Monday, November 26, 2012

Small Shipment

We received a small shipment today along with some of our customer orders! If you've been waiting for an item to arrive from Japan and it came in this shipment, we will be contacting you shortly. Please refrain from contacting us and asking if your item has arrived, as we're very busy with our Cyber Monday sale! We promise we'll let you know if it's here, but it was only a small shipment, so not everyone's items have come in yet. 

As for store stock, here's a list of items we've received for sale:

136★985 Dog Tooth Ribbon Headbow in Pink, Red, Brown, and Black $32
136★0042 Sandglass Pendant in SilverxPink and SilverxBlue $100
136★986 Quintet of Fairies Ribbon Headbow in Pink and Black $50
136★948 Cameron Headbow in Ivory $44
136★995 Dreamy Pony Honey Babydoll JSK in Pink $82
136★006 BABY Birdcage Umbrella in Black $52
136★002 Rich Frilled Umbrella in Black $50

108P438 Juliette Blouse in Black $174
108P444 Vampire Rose Blouse in Black $174
108P334 Trinot Vest in BlackxGold Ladies $162
108P982 Apple Ring in Antique Gold & Green $46