Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Shipment!

We received a new shipment! For BABY, we have items from the Snow Queen series, Alice's Mirage in Paradox series, Sweet Poodle's Wonder Pocket series, blouses, knits, head items, socks, and umbrellas. For A/P, we have the Teufel von Hameln series, Crystal Drop series, and other items.

Read after the jump for a complete list of new items!


Queen of snow ~The white kingdom from which a fairy lands gently.~Bracelet
136★276 Queen of snow ~The white kingdom from which a fairy lands gently.~ Snow rose JSK 
136★347 Queen of snow ~The white kingdom from which a fairy lands gently.~ OP 

136★274 Alice's Mirage in PARADOX White Queen JSK
136★275 Alice's Mirage in PARADOX Red Queen JSK 
136★530 Alice's Mirage in PARADOX Skirt 
136★837 Alice's Mirage in PARADOX Over Knee Socks 
136★973 Alice's Mirage in PARADOX Ribbon Headbow
136★974 Alice's Mirage in PARADOX Mini Hat 

136★0020 BABY Heart Cream Biscuit Hairpin
136★0021 BABY Heart Cream Biscuit Ring
136★0022 BABY Heart Cream Biscuit Strap
136★0023 BABY Heart Cream Biscuit Pin
136★0024 Ribbon & Flower Biscuit Hairpin
136★0025 Ribbon & Flower Biscuit Ring
136★0026 Ribbon & Flower Biscuit Strap
136★0027 Ribbon & Flower Biscuit Pin 

136★037 Sweet Poodle's ♪ Biscuit BAG
136★268 Sweet Poodle's Wonder Pocket ♪ Lala JSK  
136★450 Sweet Poodle's Regimental Stripe Stand Collar Blouse 
136★528 Sweet Poodle's Regimental Stripe Pleated Skirt

136★107 Fur Tippet Cardigan
136★108 BABY Lace Ribbon Blouse
136★111 Alice's Magical Mystery tea party Cardigan
136★256 Alice Bruges Tutu JSK 
136★321 BABY Ribbon Raincoat
136★446 Caroline Blouse
136★448 Stripe Chiffon Round Collar Blouse
136★451 BABY Lace Ribbon Blouse

136★949 Antoine Bouquet Headbow
136★950 Spin Doll Ladder Lace Ribbon Headdress
136★958 Small Princess Drop Ribbon Combs
136★964 Sweet Poodle's Wonder Pocket♪Bonnet
136★967 Grosgrain Ribbon Lace Headbow

136★828 Beading Lace High Socks
136★829 Beading Lace Over Knee Socks
136★831 Small Lace Over Knee Socks
136★832 Alice's Diamond Border Over Knee Socks
136★833 Alice's Diamond Border Lame Over Knee Socks

136★001 Lace & Frill Umbrella
136★002 Rich Frill Umbrella
136★003 BABY Merry Pagoda Umbrella
136★004 Petit Ribbon Short Umbrella
136★006 BABY Bird Cage Umbrella
136★007 Scallop Dot Umbrella


108P112 Teufel von Hameln Cardigan
108P239 Teufel von Hameln JSK II 

108P338 Teufel von Hameln Vest 
108P520 Teufel von Hameln Skirt 
108P822 Teufel von Hameln Over Knee Socks 

108P240 Crystal Drop JSK 
108P521 Crystal Drop Skirt 

108P444 Vampire Rose Blouse 
108P985 Vampire Rose Comb

108P109 A/P Diamond Cardigan
108P445 Chiffon Mellow Blouse
108P823 Vampire Prelude Over Knee Socks (black x pink only)
108P824 A/P Front Rose Patterned Over Knee Socks
108P968 Moonlit Night Round Headband
108P002 A/P Rococo Umbrella