Friday, March 16, 2012

New Shipment and Weekly Coordinates!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright 
136★209 Chocolate a la Mode JSK $350
136★408 Ribbon Party Blouse $174
135★865 My Sweet Mate Kumya's Honey Hunt Bonnet $128

136216 Pas de Deux in the blue moon Odette JSK $292
136★407 Frill Frill Blouse $174
136★073 Ellie Crown Pearl Choker $70

136★214 Red Riding Hood JSK $222
136★310 Red Riding Hood Cape $162

Alice and the Pirates 
108P209 Angelica JSK $304
108P405 Doll Coppelia Blouse $186

108P211 Trick Hat, Prick Heart Babydoll JSK $292
107P423 Star Blouse $138

108P411 Biblia Blouse $150
108P617 Butler's Cummerbund Belt Pants
108P319 Butler's Swallow Jacket $268
108P926 EDEN's Gate Key Necklace $58

Read after the jump for a complete list of the new things we've received in our shipment!
Baby the Stars Shine Bright
136★209 Chocolat a la mode JSK
136★214 Red Riding Hood JSK
136★310 Red Riding Hood Cape
136★218 Babydoll JSK
136★301 Dessert OP
136★216 Pas de Deux in the Blue Moon Odette JSK
136★217 Pas de Deux in the Blue Moon Odile JSK

136★103 Marin Border Cardigan
136★073 Ellie Crown Pearl Choker
136★414 Back Pintuck Blouse
136★907 Stripe Ribbon Torchon Lace Wrist Cuffs

135★093 Usakumya Pochette
135★096 Usakumya Pochette
136★017 Ribbon Decoration Long Wallet
136★018 Ribbon Decoration Short Wallet
136★019 Ribbon Decoration Passcase
136★021 Enamel Mini Heart Pochette
135★836 School High Socks

136★056 Bon-Bon Chocolat Candy Hairpin
136★057 Bon-Bon Chocolat Caramel Hairpin
136★058 Bon-Bon Chocolat Umbrella Hairpin
136★059 Bon-Bon Chocolat Candy Pin 
136★060 Bon-Bon Chocolat Caramel Pin
136★061 Bon-Bon Chocolat Umbrella Pin  

Alice and the Pirates
108P209 Angelica JSK
108P204 Doll Coppelia JSK 
108P405 Doll Coppelia blouse 

108P211 Trick Hat, Pricked Heart Babydoll JSK

108P210 Trick Hat, Pricked Heart Corset JSK
108P508 Trick Hat, Pricked Heart Skirt  
108P805 Trick Hat, Pricked Heart OTK Socks 
108P930 Trick Ribbon Ring 

108P207 The END of immortal EDEN JSK 
108P507 The END of immortal EDEN Skirt
108P914 The END of immortal EDEN Necklace 
108P912 The END of immortal EDEN Ribbon Headbow
108P913 The END of immortal EDEN Bonnet 
108P926 EDEN's Gate Key Necklace  

108P923 Rose Feather Headband
108P804 A/P Lace OTK Socks
108P806 A/P Diamond OTK Socks
108P807 A/P Diamond Lame OTK Socks 

108P701 Dot Georgette Pullover

108P319 Butler's Swallow Jacket
108P617 Butler's Cummerbund Belt Pants
108P905 Stripe Ribbon Wristcuffs