Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Shipment!!

We received a new shipment today! For BABY, we have the accessories for Bon-Bon Chocolate DanceDanceDance, JSKs, blouses, headbows, and more. For A/P, we have the Miranda, Gather Chiffon, & Birdcage JSKs, tops, bottoms, head items, and more.

Sorry, still no word on when The END of immortal EDEN series will arrive.

Read after the jump for a complete...


136★051 Bon-Bon Chocolate DanceDanceDance Stripe Candy Ring
136★052 Bon-Bon Chocolate DanceDanceDance Dot Candy Ring
136★053 Bon-Bon Chocolate DanceDanceDance Assorted Necklace
136★055 Bon-Bon Chocolate DanceDanceDance Wrapping Chocolate Earrings

136★206 Karami 3-tiered JSK
136★212 Florence Rose JSK
136★502 Karami SK 
136★601 Torchon Lace Drawers 
136★703 Cut Drawers

136★401 Back Pintuck Blouse
136★402 Sleeve Pintuck Blouse
136★403 Mary Blouse
136★404 Shirring Blouse
136★406 Removable Sleeve Babydoll Blouse
136★407 Frill Frill Blouse 
135★121 Frill Pullover

135★0043 Usakumya-chan Lovely Masking Tape
135★853 Love Ring Present Box Mini Hat
136★802 Rin-chan Black Cat Border Over Knee Socks
136★901 Cameron Headbow
136★904 Karami Headbow
136★905 Chocolate carre Headbow


108P202 Gather Chiffon JSK
108P203 Miranda JSK
108P205 Birdcage JSK 

107P727 Chiffon Yoke Pullover  
108P004 Isabelle Rose Bustier
108P401 Bowtie Blouse
108P404 Lace Collar Blouse
108P411 Biblia Blouse
108P505 Ansie Rose Princess Corset SK
108P506 Birdcage SK
108P601 Yvalia Pants 

108P806 A/P Diamond Over Knee Socks
108P915 Golden Needle Ribbon Headbow
108P916 Dorsy Nea Rose Bonnet
108P917 Rose Frill Grosgrain Headbow
108P918 A/P Plate Necktie
108P919 A/P Charm Ribbon Tie