Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Lucky Packs 2012

We will indeed be selling lucky packs on Saturday, January 28th at 12pm! We will start ticketing at 11:30am. We will be handing out numbered tickets based on each lucky pack style. Please hand the ticket back when you make your purchase.

Customers will be allowed to pick up their packs between 12pm - 1pm. After 1pm, any unclaimed packs will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our store will be partially blocked off during this lucky pack sale period to provide a smooth shopping experience for our customers. Each customer will be limited to one(1) lucky pack per person. We cannot make exceptions as there will be very limited quantities available.

As a reminder, there are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES for lucky packs. The purchase price does not count towards points or novelties. The lucky packs are for in-store purchase only; we cannot accept mail, phone, or online orders. These packs are available on the official Baby site for purchase.

Packs will contain our standard medium size items. Please refer to the size charts available at the bottom of each item page (links available after the jump). We cannot reveal specific details about what is inside a lucky pack. Even if you ask, we cannot answer. We do not know which one you will be purchasing. When the lucky packs run out, we cannot make one for you from items in the store. Thank you for understanding.

Please read after the jump for more details.

135★0093 BABY Princess JSK Set - $175 +tax
(headbow, JSK, blouse, socks, bag, & strap)

135★0094 BABY Ribbon JSK Set - $175 +tax
(headbow, JSK, blouse, socks, bag, & strap)

135★0096 BABY School Girl JSK Set - $185 +tax
(hair ties, JSK, blouse, socks, bag, & strap)

135★0097 BABY Coat Set - $355 +tax
(coat, headbow, JSK, blouse, socks, bag, & strap)

107P092 A/P Prince Set (Ladies') - $200 +tax
107P093 A/P Prince Set (Men's) - $200 +tax
(vest, blouse, pants, tie, socks, & bag)

107P094 A/P Coat Set - $330 +tax
(headbow, cape, blouse, corset skirt, socks, & bag)