Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Arrivals

We received a new shipment right before Black Friday weekend. For BABY, we have Friendly Kumya-chan's Honey Hunt, more from Clockwork tea party and ALICE'S Marchin' Cookie Flavour, coats, shoes, accessories, and Usakumya rucksacks!! For A/P, we have Lock the PANDORA's memoriesBlack Cat & Witch & [Apple Tree], and more~

Please read after the jump for a list of what is available in the store now!


135★524 Friendly Kumya-chan Honey Hunt Lillian SK
135★840 Friendly Kumya-chan Honey Hunt Over Knee Socks
135★864 Friendly Kumya-chan Honey Hunt Headbow
135★865 Friendly Kumya-chan Honey Hunt Bonnet

135★258 Clockwork tea party Pearl JSK
135★523 Clockwork tea party SK
135★837 Clockwork tea party Over Knee Socks
135★878 Clockwork tea party Headbow
135★073 Clockwork tea party Ribbon key Earrings
135★074 Clockwork tea party Cake Necklace

135★256 ALICE'S Marchin' Cookie Flavour Milky JSK
135★994 ALICE'S Marchin' Cookie Flavour Ribbon Headbow
135★868 ALICE's Cookie mad hatter Hair Pin
135★869 ALICE's Cookie Clock Hair Pin
135★870 ALICE's Cookie Crown Hair Pin
135★871 ALICE's Cookie Mad Hatter Hair Tie
135★872 ALICE's Cookie Clock Hair Tie
135★876 ALICE's Cookie Clock Pin
135★877 ALICE's Cookie Crown Pin

135★114 Ribbon & Pearl Cardigan
135★120 Snow Star OP
135★237 Tartan Check Shirring Princess JSK
135★239 Tartan Check Blitz JSK
135★253 Rococo Mini Rose Salopette
135★329 Dot Margaret Coat
135★330 Teddy Ribbon Short Jacket
135★331 Teddy Ribbon Coat
135★332 Little Princess Coat
135★335 Teddy Ribbon Cape
135★336 BABY Logo Embroidery Milky Coat
135★411 Heart Heart Blouse
135★443 Chiffon Princess Dress Blouse

135★827 Sweet Dot Over Knee Socks
135★838 Hoshi no Namida Lame Tights
135★882 BABY Victoire Shoes
135★891 Merveille Shoes
135★892 Hearty Heart Shoes
135★893 Loretta Shoes
135★894 Cheryl Short Boots

135★990 Sweet Fawn Heart Ear Muffs
135★991 Sparkly Heart Ear Muffs
135★996 Princess Drop Beret
135★095 Usakumya Rucksack


107P231 Lock the PANDORA's memories JSK I
107P232 Lock the PANDORA's memories JSK II
107P521 Lock the PANDORA's memories Salopette SK
107P631 Lock the PANDORA's memories Pants
107P011 Lock the PANDORA's memories Ribbon Tie
107P014 Lock the PANDORA's memories Plate Necklace
107P015 Lock the PANDORA's memories Earrings
107P821 Lock the PANDORA's memories Over Knee Socks

107P347 Black Cat & Witch & [Apple Tree] Vest
107P628 Black Cat & Witch & [Apple Tree] Pants
107P818 Black Cat & Witch & [Apple Tree] Over Knee Socks

107P223 Vanilla Babydoll JSK
107P224 Vanilla Corset JSK
107P227 Operetta Velveteen JSK
107P337 Mad Tea Party Vest
107P343 Lady Pearl Fur Coat
107P433 Prince Conrad Blouse
107P435 Circus Diamond Blouse
107P438 Chiffon Babydoll Blouse
107P439 Mad Tea Party Blouse
107P519 Mad Tea Party SK

107P722 Long Sleeve Open Neck Bolero
107P723 A/P Pierrot Hoodie
107P724 Trick Cat Romper
107P725 Trick Cat SK
107P819 A/P clock Lame Tights
107P880 Antique Wood Sole Shoes
107P886 Scallop Rodeo Long Boots
107P987 Milky Rail Train,clock Trunk Bag
107P007 A/P Bat Wing Umbrella