Thursday, August 18, 2011

♟ ♚ ♞ Alice's Secret Key ♜ ♛ ♟

Our newest print series from BABY, Alice's Secret Key, will be available for reservation on Friday, August 19th! (Same day as the Dantalian no Shoka collaboration). Elements from Alice in Wonderland parade through rows of a scattered deck of cards. The items are available in 4 different colorways, and are embellished with gorgeous bows, ribbon, and trim.

Alice's Secret Key

Ivory x Brown
Pink x Black
Sax x Navy
Black x Black

Please read after the jump or click here for more details!
135★251 Alice's Secret Key Ribbon JSK - $280 +tax

135★252 Alice's Secret Key Brilliant JSK - $280 +tax

135★521 Alice's Secret Key Skirt - $186 +tax

135★439 Stripe Chiffon Blouse - $162 +tax
(available in white, ivory, pink, navy, brown, & black)

135★986 Alice's Secret Key Headbow - $50 +tax

135★830 Alice's Secret Key Over Knee Socks - $26 +tax
(available in WxNV, IVxBR, PxDP, BxP)

We look forward to accepting your reservations soon!