Friday, May 20, 2011

♪ Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess ♪

We are accepting reservations for the Claudia, the Fairy Tale Princess series starting today, Friday, May 20th! Princess Claudia is a bibliophile and a daydreamer... She is the epitome of a fairy tale heroine. ♪
The gentle heart of a princess
Trembles deep in the wood.
Noble hunter stays his eager blade
Conceives the snowy miss.
Ne'er a heartless Queen's vanity
Shall smother innocence,
For the Mirror knows foremost
The maid who is the fairest.

135★314 Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess OP Set - $494 +tax

135★945 Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess Headbow - $58 +tax

135★946 Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess Cuffs - $42 +tax

135★947 Claudia, The Fairy Tale Princess Choker- $42 +tax

For more information, please check out the reservation page here. We look forward to accepting your reservations soon! Please email or call the store if you have any question.