Friday, March 18, 2011

New Arrivals and Coordinates

We received a new shipment this week! For BABY, we have Chained berry memoir accessories and tops, dresses from many different series, headbows, socks, and more. For A/P, we have Dance of the Black Cats accessories, blouses, and socks.

Here are this week's coordinates, incorporating some of our new items.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright
135☆206 Twinkle Dreaming Princess JSK
134☆432 Caroline Blouse
134☆834 Diana Ribbon Beret

135☆213 BABY, SSB Salopette
135☆101 School Cardigan
134☆922 Heart Buckle Shoes
133☆033 Princess Heart Pochette
134☆850 Romancia Ribbon Headbow

Alice and the Pirates
106P515 St. Mephisto Cathedral Skirt
107P403 Kuranosuke Standing Collar Blouse
106P103 School Cardigan
106P001 Pearl Rosario Necklace
106P018 Cross Belt Boots
135☆905 Chalerose Headbow

106P233 Carousel Applique JSK
107P704 Orchestra Wappen Bolero
106P913 Plate Bag
107P943 Lancaster Rose Grosgrain Ribbon Headbow

106P226 Lace Flocky JSK
107P406 Prince Conrad Blouse
107P301 Lord Abelia Vest
107P943 Lancaster Rose Grosgrain Ribbon Headbow

Please read after the jump for a complete list of items we received!

135★060 Chained berry memoir Necklace
135★061 Chained berry memoir Clip-on Earrings
135★062 Chained berry memoir Earrings
135★063 Chained berry memoir Brooch
135★701 Chained berry memoir Bolero
135★702 Chained berry memoir Peter Pan collar Cutsew
135★809 Chained berry memoir Over Knee Socks
135★809 Chained berry memoir High Socks
135★810 Chained berry memoir Lace Border Over Knee Socks
135★914 Chained berry memoir Ribbon Hair Ties

135★206 Twinkle Dreaming Princess JSK I
135★207 Twinkle Dreaming Princess JSK II
134★296 Friendly Kumya-chan's Creamy Quartet Judy JSK
135★212 Mademoiselle Princess JSK
135★213 BABY,SSB Salopette JSK
135★214 Doll heroine JSK
135★218 Rococo Floria JSK
135★304 Mademoiselle Pleats Coat
135★307 Chelsea lala Jacket
135★310 Heart Apron Trump Alice Set

135★405 Frill Full Blouse
135★407 Caroline Blouse
135★503 Tulle Panier
135★506 Chelsea la la Skirt
135★601 Torchon Lace Bloomers

134★414 Frill Babydoll Blouse
135★101 School Cardigan
135★102 Lace Frill Open Chest Cardigan
135★103 Heart Transparent Knitting Open Chest Bolero

134★0021 Take a Walk with Usakumya-chan Heart BAG
134★091 Antique Ribbon Shoes
134★095 Classical Marievien Shoes
135★013 Sweet Dot Ribbon Pouch
135★054 Sweet Dot Heart Mirror

135★801 Diamond Trump Over Knee Socks
135★802 Beading Lace Ribbon High Socks
135★803 Beading Lace Ribbon Over Knee Socks
135★805 Small Lace Over Knee Socks
135★811 Usakumya-chan High Socks
135★812 Usakumya-chan's Ribbon Over Knee Socks
135★901 Cameron Headbow
135★903 Shizelia Spindle Headdress
135★916 Mademoiselle Ribbon Ribbon Hat


106P968 Melissa Headdress
106P992 Queen's Coach Over Knee Socks
107P402 Orpheus Blouse
107P403 Kuranosuke Standing Collar Blouse
107P406 Prince Conrad Blouse
107P603 Regimental Orchestra Pants
107P704 Orchestra Patch Bolero
107P803 A/P Lace High Socks
107P908 A/P Cat Clef Earrings
107P909 A/P Cat Clef Clip-on Earrings
107P943 Lancaster Rose Grosgrain Ribbon Headbow

Please email or call us for any stock inquiries regarding color choices or price. We look forward to seeing everyone soon! ♪