Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reservations for "Chained berry memoir" ♪

We will start accepting reservations for Chained Berry Memoir on Friday, February 4th! In this series, strawberry vines climb up a trellis made of peppermint and lace. Enjoy the walk down memory lane in 5 delectable flavors: Strawberry milk (pink), Soda candy (sax), Strawberry jam (red), Milk tea (brown), & Opera (black).

♥ Chained berry memoir 

135☆215 Chained berry memoir Jenny JSK - $280 +tax

135☆216 Chained berry memoir Maria JSK - $280 +tax

135☆507 Chained berry memoir Mary SK - $186 +tax

More details for the rest of the series is available after the jump! Please click on the photo to see more info on each design.

135☆923 Chained berry memoir Ribbon Headbow - $50 +tax

135☆014 Chained berry memoir Bag - $116 +tax

135☆701 Chained berry memoir Bolero - $150 +tax
(off white, pink, black)

135☆702 Chained berry memoir Round Collar Cutsew - $104 +tax
(off white, pink, black)

135☆809 Chained berry memoir Over Knee Socks - $26 +tax
(off white, ivory, pink, sax, black)

135☆810 Chained berry memoir Lace Border Socks - $26 +tax
(off white, ivory, pink, sax, black)

We look forward to accepting your reservations ♪