Monday, November 8, 2010

♥ Friendly Usakumya Creamy Quartet ♥

We will start accepting reservations for BABY's Friendly Usakumya Creamy Quartet series on Friday, November 12th! This release will feature the same Friendly Bears from last year: Judy, Sophie, and Lillian.

Judy taps her tenor drum.
Sophie plays her baby grand.
Lillian toots her trumpet.
Usakumya's tambourine completes the band.

134★297 Friendly Usakumya Creamy Quartet Judy JSK - $280
134★298 Friendly Usakumya Creamy Quartet Sophie JSK - $280

♥ Other Creamy Quartet Colors ♥

More item previews available after the jump. Please check here for more details!

 134★531Friendly Usakumya Creamy Quartet Lillian SK - $186

134★0027 Friendly Usakumya Creamy Quartet Ribbon Headbow - $50

134★0028 Friendly Usakumya Creamy Quartet Ribbon Pompom Kumya Bonnet - $128