Friday, October 15, 2010

New Arrivals

We have just received a new shipment with a number of new series including Aristo Kitty's Invitation, Le Lac des Cygnes, and bags and accessories from Queen's Coach.  We also have many new socks, headbows, and jewelry.

For a full list of our new stock, please follow the jump!


134★325 Le Lac des Cygnes Odette OP
134★527 Le Lac des Cygnes Odile SK
134★892 Le Lac des Cygnes High Socks

134★275 Aristo Kitty's Invitation JSK
134★326 Aristo Kitty's Invitation OP
134★528 Aristo Kitty's Invitation SK
134★829 Aristo Kitty's Invitation Ribbon Headbow
134★086 Aristo Kitty's Invitation Over Knee Socks
134★889 Aristo Kitty's Invitation Necklace

134★067 Gluttonous Gloomy(Sweets Ver.) Jacquard High Socks
134★068 Gluttonous Gloomy(Sweets Ver.)  High Socks
134★232 Mary's Sweet Lamb Ribbon JSK (M-size)
134★233 Mary's Sweet Lamb Ribbon JSK (L-size)
134★236 Cherry Cherry Fallin' cherry Frill JSK
134★250 Cherry Cherry Fallin' cherry Ribbonetta JSK
134★260 Lovely cherry march JSK
134★263 Creamy☆soda☆pop JSK
134★523 Creamy☆soda☆pop SK
134★274 Doll Romancia JSK

134★276 Royal Antique Velveteen JSK
134★893 Princess Honey’s tea salon Over Knee Socks

132★885 Julia Bonnet
133★058 Menuet Ribbon Headbow
134★057 Princess Ribbon Wrist Cuffs

134★083 Ribbon Beading Lace High Socks
134★084 Ribbon Beading Lace Over Knee Socks
134★085 Ribbon Tulle Wrist Cuffs
134★089 Honey Cross Shoes
134★098 Small Lace High Socks
134★099 Small Lace Over Knee Socks
134★105 Transparent Heart Cardigan

134★210 Mille Feuille JSK (LL-size)
134★243 Pocket Embroidery JSK
134★246 Waist Ribbon Scallop JSK
134★249 Stripe Salopette
134★254 Ribbon Ribbon Corset JSK
134★257 Leatitia Raseine JSK (M-size)
134★258 Leatitia Raseine JSK (L-size)
134★264 Merveille Doll JSK
134★265 Cyndrina Rossa JSK
134★266 Rosina Stripe Salopette JSK
134★267 Classical Rose Bouquet JSK
134★282 Royal Rose JSK
134★284 Babydoll JSK

134★322 Princess COCO Jacket
134★327 BABY Logo Fur Cape
134★424 Shirring Blouse
134★428 Back Pintuck Long Sleeve Ribbon Blouse with Tie
134★430 Kitty's Ribbon Ribbon Blouse
134★431 Emeline Blouse
134★432 Caroline Blouse
134★435 Babydoll Blouse with Removable Sleeves (S-size)
134★436 Babydoll Blouse with Removable Sleeves (M-size)
134★437 Babydoll Blouse with Removable Sleeves (L-size)
134★729 Round Yolk Ribbon Pullover
134★730 Princess Drop Collar Pullover
134★731 Ballerina Chiffon Cutsew
134★732 Ballerina Bolero
134★501 Fluffy Panier

134★811 Antoine Bouquet Headbow
134★813 Fontaine Headbow
134★827 Mary Belle Headbow
134★830 Kitty's Ribbon Headbow
134★832 Cecilia Ribbon Round Headbow
134★833 Noel Antoine Fur Beret
134★834 Diana Ribbon Beret
134★838 Puffy Clip-on Earrings with Pompom Fur
134★839 Puffy Earrings with Pompom Fur
134★882 Lace Up Ribbon Over Knee Socks
134★883 School High Socks
134★886 Sweet Dot Over Knee Socks
134★902 BABY Merry Pagoda Umbrella


106P221 Operetta Bouquet JSK
106P004 Queen's Coach Boston Bag
106P005 Queen's Coach Bucket Bag
106P006 Queen’s Coach Necklace
106P994 TAROT CARD Wheel of Fortune Over Knee Socks
106P722 Apple Princess Print Cutsew

106P979 St. Mephisto Cathedrale Ribbon Headbow
106P990 St.Mephisto Cathedrale Over Knee Socks
106P956 Masquerade Letters Earrings
106P957 Masquerade Letters Bracelet
106P958 Masquerade Letters Pearl Necklace

106P012 Present BOX Mini Hat
106P016 Torchon Lace Wrist Cuffs
106P721 Lace Up Pullover

106P001 A/P Pearl Rosario
106P335 A/P Logo Fur Cape
106P986 A/P Embossed Passcase
106P995 A/P Tent Bag