Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Arrivals

We just received a brand new shipment chock full of Gloomy items from all 3 collaborations, just in time for our J-POP SUMMIT event! We also have previously sold out items♪ Please check the Gloomy Collaboration page on the official Japanese website for pictures of all the items.

The first 30 people to spend $100 or more on Gloomy items will be able to attend a special autograph session with Mori Chack on 9/19 before our party☆ He will be drawing custom illustrations for each customer. More information will be given at time of purchase.

For BABY, we received the Princess Honey's Tea Salon series, Heart Scallop bags, socks, headbows, and we restocked on many sale items especially boots! For A/P, we received the rest of the St. Mephisto Cathedrale series, Queen's Coach socks, accessories and many restocked items.

The complete list is right after the jump!


134★066 Gluttonous Gloomy(Sweets Ver.) Tote Bag
134★076 Gluttonous Gloomy(Sweets Ver.) Bag
134★724 Gluttonous Gloomy(Sweets Ver.) T-shirt (M)
134★733 Gluttonous Gloomy (Sweets Ver.) T-shirt (LL)

133★062 Baby Gloomy Jacquard Socks
133★524 Baby Gloomy Tartan Check Pleats SK (M)
133★526 Baby Gloomy Tartan Check Pleats SK (LL)
133★766 Baby Gloomy Short Sleeve Hoodie
134★007 Baby Gloomy Relax High Socks
134★008 Baby Gloomy Basket High Socks
134★037 Baby Gloomy Apron with Bonnet

134★515 Baby Gloomy Box Pleats SK
134★704 Baby Gloomy Long Sleeve Cutsew OP
134★705 Baby Gloomy Long Sleeve Long Hoodie

105P728 A/P Gloomy Short Sleeve Hoodie
105P803 A/P Gloomy BAG
106P616 A/P Gloomy Shorts
106P709 A/P Gloomy Short Sleeve T-shirt
106P712 A/P Gloomy Long Sleeve Cutsew OP
106P713 A/P Gloomy Long Sleeve Hoodie
106P944 A/P Gloomy Tote Bag
106P976 A/P Gloomy Bag


134★271 Princess Honey’s tea salon Lace-up JSK
134★272 Princess Honey’s tea salon Rose Ribbon JSK
134★818 Princess Honey’s tea salon Headbow
134★893 Princess Honey’s tea salon Over Knee Socks
134★826 Princess Honey’s tea salon Lesson Bag

134★249 Stripe Salopette
134★269 Tartan Check Shirring JSK I
134★318 Doll Romancia OP

134★513 Alice's Portrait SK
134★514 Cherry Cherry Fallin' cherry SK
134★520 Lovely cherry march SK
134★523 Creamy☆soda☆pop SK

134★504 Original Tartan Check Frill SK
134★509 Frill a la Mode SK

134★501 Fluffy Panier
134★524 Rose Lace Frill Petticoat
134★516 Frill Petticoat

134★717 Lovely cherry march Mellow Bolero
134★728 Lace Frill Bolero

134★810 Cameron Headbow
134★812 Bunny Ear Ribbon-chan Headbow
134★953 Sweet Honey Mini Hat
134★992 Trump Lace Wonder Dot Ribbon Headbow
134★993 Swinging Kumya-chan Kanzashi

134★040 Judy-chan Strap
134★041 Sophie-chan Strap
134★042 Lilian-chan Strap
134★044 Kanon & Midori's "Maiden Tune" Shoe Strap

133★885 Wide Lace Over Knee Socks
134★005 Trump Alice Over Knee Socks
134★065 Creamy☆soda☆pop High Socks
134★084 Ribbon Beading Lace Over Knee Socks
134★886 Sweet Dot Over Knee Socks
134★908 Wide Lace High Socks

133★012 Fluffy Fur Boots
133★013 Judy Ribbon Boots
133★014 Lily Heart Boots
134★922 Heart Buckle Shoes
134★891 Ballerina Ribbon Tote Bag
134★896 Heart Scallop Crown Bag


106P332 St. Mephisto Cathedrale OP
106P515 St. Mephisto Cathedrale SK
106P990 St. Mephisto Cathedrale Over Knee Socks

106P325 Hide-and-Seek with missin' Alice OP
106P512 Hide-and-Seek with missin' Alice SK

106P992 Queen's Coach Over Knee Socks

106P421 Tuck Ribbon Blouse

105P980 Justin Boots
106P001 A/P Pearl Rosario