Sunday, August 8, 2010

First Year Anniversary Lucky Packs!!

And the final treat for our First Year Anniversary will be...

Lucky Packs with full coordinates inside
We are excited to carry the following variations

For BABY, we will have packs available
in SmallMedium, & Large.

For A/P, we will have both Ladies' & Men's packs.

Each customer will be limited to one (1) Lucky Pack per person. We cannot make exceptions as there will be  limited quantities available. Like other Lucky Packs we have offered in the past, we cannot reveal or give hints regarding specific content details. On the sale day, we can help you decide which pack will best suit your style and size. These Lucky Packs are for in-store purchase only; we cannot accept mail, phone, or online orders.

Our First Year Anniversary Lucky Packs will go on sale Saturday, August 14th at 12pm. Each pack is $140 +tax. The purchase price does not count towards points or novelties. The items in the packs retail for 4-5x the selling price. No returns or exchanges after purchase.

Customers are welcome to queue up
in the building's lobby area, which opens at 8 a.m.
(please do not block emergency exits or signage)

We will start taking down names & ticketing at 11am.