Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Arrivals!

Happy Tanabata!

We received all kinds of great new items in our latest shipment including: the Creamy Soda Pop series, the Sugar Rose Cake series as well as some items that we had previously sold out of (Beauty and Rose Promise, Beardsley Rose Alice, Masquerade Letters jewelry to name a few).

We also received a large number of sailor cutsews for any lolitas who are still looking for outfits for our summer tea party, "Red Sky at Night."

A full list can be found after the jump.


134★314 Creamy☆soda☆pop OP
134★263 Creamy☆soda☆pop JSK
134★523 Creamy☆soda☆pop SK
134★723 Creamy☆soda☆pop Cutsew
134★063 Creamy☆soda☆pop Tote Bag
134★065 Creamy☆soda☆pop High Socks

134★522 Sugar Rose Cake SK
134★313 Sugar Rose Cake OP

134★257 Leatitia・Raseine JSK (floral)
134★258 Leatitia・Raseine JSK (plain)

134★262 Classical Rose Garden JSK
134★521 Classical Rose Garden Frill SK

134★264 Merveille Doll JSK

134★717 Lovely cherry march Mellow Bolero
134★994 Lovely cherry march Headbow

134★721 Sailor Collar Square Cutsew
134★722 Sailor Cross Cutsew

134★715 Open Chest Ribbon Cutsew
134★719 Square Yoke Ribbons Pullover
134★720 Lace Frill Short Sleeve Bolero
134★413 Cherry Lace Short Sleeve Blouse with Jabot
134★414 Frill Babydoll Blouse
134★422 Roselina Blouse

134★905 Usakumya Pochette
134★022 Ribbon Bag
134★031 Hearty Heart Wallet
134★035 Big Ribbon Bag
134★055 Hearty Heart Passcase

134★950 Roselina Ribbon Headdress
134★963 Charles Rose Headbow
134★977 Emery Ribbon Scrunchie
134★998 Bunny Ear Ribbon Headbow

134★010 Elise Sandals
134★011 Lovely Ciel Sandals
134★909 Beading Lace High Socks
134★939 Little Prim Bear's Pearl Accessory Strap
134★019 Charlotte Rococo Long Glove
131★811 Sugar Bouquet Obi
133★808 Petit Ribbon Short Umbrella
134★902 BABY Merry Pagoda Umbrella


106P318 Beauty and the Rose promise OP
106P208 Beauty and the Rose promise JSK
106P506 Beauty and the Rose promise Corset SK
106P934 Beauty and the Rose promise Ribbon Headbow

105P222 Beardsley Rose Alice Babydoll JSK
105P807 Beardsley Rose Alice Ribbon Headband
105P521 Beardsley Rose Alice SK

105P227 Victorian Card JSK II
105P813 Victorian Card Circle Headdress
105P814 Victorian Card Bonnet

105P522 The Castle of Nightmare SK

106P214 Star Chiffon JSK
106P511 Star Chiffon Tiered SK

106P202 Eris JSK
106P209 Trump Queen JSK

106P307 Edward Vest (Regimental)
106P605 Edward Pants (Regimental)

106P326 Ribbon Halter Vest
106P414 Josephine Blouse
106P416 Blitz Ribbon Blouse
106P418 Short Sleeve Frill Stripe Blouse

106P604 Lace Ribbon Drawers
106P613 Flare Culotte Pants

106P911 Victorian Rose Heart Earrings
106P930 Leather Crystal Choker
106P956 Masquerade Letters Earrings
106P957 Masquerade Letters Bracelet
106P972 A/P Logo Ring

106P926 Fairy Tales Bag
106P966 Masquerade Letters Bag
106P952 Strawberry Princess Tote Bag

106P962 A/P Ribbon Headbow
106P963 A/P Rose Bonnet
106P964 Rosen Ribbon Headdress

106P937 Mariana Strap Shoes
106P908 A/P Lace High Socks
106P941 A/P School High Socks
106P970 Hide-and-Seek with missin' Alice OTK Socks
106P902 A/P Merry Pagoda Umbrella