Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Stock

We have just received a new shipment with lots of new items, including Masquerade Theater, Lovely Cherry March, and tons of L and LL size shoes.

A full list of our new stock is available after the jump.

134★520 Lovely cherry march Skirt
134★260 Lovely cherry march JSK
134★312 Lovely cherry march OP
134★716 Lovely cherry march Frill Cutsew
134★718 Lovely cherry march Ribbon Cardigan
134★253 Sweet Gingham Border Ribbon Ribbon Babydoll JSK
134★988 Sweet Gingham Border Ribbon Ribbon Headbow
134★254 Ribbon Ribbon Corset JSK
134★027 Cherry Cherry Fallin' cherry Wrist Cuffs
134★964 Cherry Cherry Fallin' cherry Scrunchie
134★251 Cherry Cherry Fallin' cherry Ribbonetta JSK
134★241 Pocket Embroidery JSK (S)
134★243 Pocket Embroidery JSK(L)
134★244 Pocket Embroidery JSK (LL)
134★512 Ribbon Sherbet Skirt
134★515 Baby Gloomy Box Pleats Skirt
134★517 Sugary Flora Frill Skirt
134★307 Ribbon Sherbet Jacket
134★710 Cherry Lace Round Collar Pullover
134★401 Heart Heart Blouse
134★409 Princess Drop Lace Frill-full Blouse
134★412 Short-sleeve Back Shirring Blouse
134★911 Floria Headdress
134★992 Trump Lace Wonder Dot Ribbon Headbow
134★907 Small Lace High Socks
134★908 Wide Lace High Socks
134★910 Beading Ribbon Lace Over Knee Socks
134★008 Baby Gloomy Basket High Socks
134★009 Small Lace Over-knee Socks
134★921 Honey Cross Shoes
134★922 Heart Buckle Shoes
134★923 Heart Sugar Shoes
133★016 Jennifer Ribbon Shoes
133★017 Strawberry Cake Shoes
134★022 Ribbon Basket Bag
134★053 Ribbon Heart Bag
134★028 Baby Cafe Lollipop Bag
134★040 Judy-chan Phone Strap
134★041 Sophie-chan Phone Strap
134★042 Lillian-chan Phone Strap

Alice and the Pirates
106P323 Masquerade Theater OP
106P510 Masquerade Theater Skirt
106P959 Masquerade Theater Over-knee Socks
106P211 Name of the Rose Halter JSK
106P509 Name of the Rose Skirt
106P953 Name of the Rose Ribbon Headbow
106P718 Beauty and the Rose Promise T-shirt
106P719 Beauty and the Rose Promise Parka
106P716 Sleeping Crown T-shirt
106P717 Sleeping Crown Cardigan
106P201 Back Ribbon JSK
106P203 Gather Chiffon JSK
106P204 Matilda JSK
106P210 Miranda JSK
106P302 Vargossa Vest
106P610 Rudolph Pants
106P612 Heart Pocket Ribbon Short Pants
106P401 Edifle Rose Blouse
106P402 Chiffon Blouse
106P412 Mad Hatter Blouse
106P413 Griottine Blouse
106P703 A/P Cat Long Parka
106P101 A/P School Cardigan
106P102 A/P Knit Frill Bolero
106P704 Cut Riders Jacket
106P708 Ribbon Shoulder Cutsew
106P710 Creeping Rose Ribbon Cardigan
106P712 A/P Gloomy Long-sleeved Cut OP
106P714 Strawberry Princess Print Long Cutsew
106P945 A/P Border Over-knee Socks
106P961 Trump Ribbon Comb
106P962 A/P Ribbon Headbow
106P951 Marine Sailor Hat
106P952 Strawberry Princess Print Tote Bag
106P912 Frame Nightmare Necklace