Monday, August 19, 2013

♦ Searching for Baroque~Visiting Blissful Art Museums Blessed by Angels~ ♦

We will start accepting reservations for BABY's newest series, Searching for Baroque~, on August 23rd (FRI)! This print features framed artwork in a Baroque style. We anticipate this series to be very popular, so we recommend ordering directly from the Japanese website if this series is a must-have for you.

☆Michael (Ivory x Beige shantung x Ivory lace)
☆Raphael (Pink x Pink shantung x Ivory lace)
☆Gabriel (Bright green x Bright green shantung x Ivory lace)
☆Uriel (Black x Black shantung x Black lace)

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137★258 Searching for Baroque~ Long JSK - $386 +tax

137★255 Searching for Baroque~ JSK - $338 +tax

137★256  Searching for Baroque~ Corset JSK - $338 +tax

137★518 Searching for Baroque~ Skirt - $210 +tax

137★443 Searching for Baroque~ Lace Blouse - $210 +tax

137★831 Searching for Baroque~ Tights - $50 +tax

137★993 Michael's Blessing Rose Headdress - $56 +tax

(It is the same design as 137★988, but uses different fabric)

137★989 Searching for Baroque Doll Bonnet - $128 +tax

137★994 Michael's Blessing Doll Bonnet - $128 +tax

137★995 Michael's Blessing Rose Headband - $92 +tax

137★992 Searching for Baroque Rose Combs - $38 +tax

137★997 Michael's Blessing Rose Comb - $38 +tax

(illustration only)

137★257 Michael's Blessing JSK - $328 +tax

137★520 Long Frill Petticoat $222 +tax

We look forward to accepting your reservations!