Saturday, March 21, 2015

♥♦Closed in the Playing Cards~Bitter Sweet Memories~♦❁

We will begin accepting online reservations for BABY's newest series, Closed in the Playing Cards~Bitter Sweet Memories~, on April 1st (WED)!

In-store reservations will start on March 27th (FRI).
Once our allotments are filled, we can only place orders based on online availability.

×We will not be accepting any online reservations or special order emails for "email order only" items. For online orders, please read below.

Regarding email order only items on the Japanese website:

From now on, the San Francisco store will be able to request email order only items for in-store customers only.
  • Customers must fill out an order form to place a reservation order.
  • Items may be requested before the reservation period starts. We will now begin accepting orders for email items.
  • Availability is not guaranteed as this type of order is similar to a store search and will depend on quantities available in Japan.
Items listed as email order only may be purchased via email through the Japanese website, instructions can be found here.

Thank you for understanding.


Saxe Blue

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:*: This Week's Coordinates :*:

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

B39OP308 Shirley Onepiece $356
B39HA920 Shirley Ribbon Headbow $48 
137★028 Doll House Bag $182

B39OP305 Trump in the Picture Book ALICE Set $334
P11HA903 Cards Lace Satin Ribbon Comb $28
137★0008 Ribbon Heart Bag $172

B39JS204 Heart Party Jumperskirt $236
B39CD101 Dot Ribbon Cardigan $118
B38HA972 Christmas Holly Night Ribbon Comb $36
B38UM874 Sweet Cream Strawberry Days Umbrella $48

Alice and the Pirates

P11SP601 White Rabbit Salopette $268
P10BL425 Alphonse Blouse $182
P10HA940 Funeral Rose Toque Hat $172
P10OT011 Captain Hollow Glitter Eye Patch $38

P11OJ201 Alice’s Automaton Clock Orchestra Jumperskirt I $268
P11CS704 Cutsew Blouse with Dot Tulle Lace $86
P11HA902 Alice’s Cards Ribbon Headbow $34
P11OT003 Alice's Cards Ribbon Brooch $30

P11VT302 Fjord Vest II $214
*P10OP314 Chest Ribbon Angel Onepiece $248
*This piece is no longer available in this colorway
P10HA952 Rosier Empress Ribbon Barrette $44