Friday, October 24, 2014

⋆★This Week's Coordinates★⋆

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

B38OP342 Queen of Snow~ Onepiece Dress $432
B38HA951 BABY Logo Ribbon Combs $38
B38HC056 Scarlet ~Primavera Waltz Necklace~ $162
1370008 Ribbon Heart Bag $186

B38OJ233 Full of Stars "Bright Starry Night" JSK I w/ Echarpe $338
B38BL451 Bright Chiffon Blouse $186
B38OH927 Full of Stars "Bright Starry Night" Headbow $46

B38JS216 Veronica Elisse Jumperskirt $338
B38BL434 Sonnet for Juliet Lace Blouse $232
B38HA952 Trianon Chiffon Headdress

Alice & The Pirates

P10OP326 Funeral Procession of Rose~Aria in the Blooming Twilight~ Onepiece $362
P10HA942 Funeral Rose Comb $58
P10AC025 A/P Maschera Clip $104

P10OJ220 Funeral Procession of Rose~Aria in the Blooming Twilight~ JSK II $316
P10BL420 Lillienne Chiffon Blouse $186
P10VT327 Funeral Procession of Rose~Aria in the Blooming Twilight~ Vest $316
P10HA943 A/P Lace Grosgrain Ribbon Comb $38

P10JS209 Shandy Dot Jumperskirt $398
109P428 Swallowtail Stripe Blouse $162
P10VT328 Thaddeus Vest $304

Thursday, October 23, 2014

✩~❇❁Elizabeth Onepiece Dress & Headdress Set❁❇~✩

We will start accepting reservations for BABY's Elizabeth Onepiece Dress & Headdress Set, on October 24th (FRI)!

The famous Elizabeth OP from the Kamikaze Girls (Shimotsuma Monogatari) movie.
Adorned with lace all over, this intricate dress is accompanied with a matching headdress in the same color!
Wear the same ensemble Momoko did in the film when she first encountered her future best friend, Ichigo!

There will be two reservation periods for this dress with the following specifications:

First reservation period: OCT 24 (FRI) - NOV 4 (TUE)

- Reservations made during this time period are MADE-TO-ORDER.
Full payment will be required before the order can be placed.

Second reservation period: TBD

- Reservations will be accepted based on available quantity.
Full payment is still required for online orders.


We look forward to accepting your reservations!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

・.。*†*。.・✮Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night✮・.。*†*。.・

We will start accepting online reservations for A/P's newest series, Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night, on October 22nd (WED)!

In-store reservations will start on October 17th (FRI).
Once our allotments are filled, we can only place orders based on online availability.

×We will not be accepting any online reservations or special order emails for "email order only" items. For online orders, please read below.

Regarding email order only items on the Japanese website:

From now on, the San Francisco store will be able to request email order only items for in-store customers only.
  • Customers must fill out an order form to place a reservation order.
  • Items may be requested before the reservation period starts. We will  begin accepting in-store orders for email order only items on October 14th (TUE).
  • Availability is not guaranteed as this type of order is similar to a store search and will depend on quantities available in Japan.
Items listed as email order only may be purchased via email through the Japanese website, instructions can be found here.

Thank you for understanding.

Prepare yourself for a long night of fun!
Sights for you, revelry for everyone.


Click here or read after the jump for more details.